• James posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    The wikileaks founder Julian Assange says that google is trying to help Hilary Clinton win the election by manipulating the search results on google to be pro hilary. This really does not come to any surprise for me after all.. Google executives have a very cosy relationship with Obama and have had 427 meetings in the whitehouse since Obama came into power….which is to be expected really when Google pays the democrat party millions of dollars in lobby money.
    All of this lobby money also helps to get google top jobs in the government aswell for example the ceo of alphabet Eric Schmidt is a top advisor for Obama and the pentagon helping them to shape the goverment how google wants.
    Googles effort do pay off for them as when the FTC started an antitrust investigation into google.. Larry page and Eric Schmidt met with ftc official and Obama’s aids and managed to get the investigation stopped!

    Google loves to use its position as the number 1 search engine to censor small businesses by either penalizing their sites or removing their sites all together from the search listings in an effort to force small sites into buying adwords… so it isn’t really a huge leap for google to start meddling with the search results to help boost the plutocrat Hilary clintons presidential campaign!