• James posted an update 2 years, 4 months ago

    If it wasnt clear enough already that David Cameron hasn’t got his priority’s straight for this country at all it should be now…after announcing yesterday pie in the sky new policies such as filling our roads with “driverless cars” or super fast broadband for all. These pointless things will not tackle any real issues at all but will just suck even more of tax payers money into US tech cooperation’s such as google who beat down small businesses and don’t not even pay their fair share of tax in this country but seem to be constantly rewarded by our ass hole government instead..
    These new ventures sounds just like wind farms… will cost a lot of tax payer money to do and will not really benefit anyone except from rich tory friends who have lots of land and at the end of the day are being paid by the government to make money!!!!!

    • @james I agree!! just a smokescreen and a distraction… making out that everyone lives are going to be improved by this needless tech whilst really it will have the opposite effect and will strengthen big tech companies grasp on our economy.. You mark my words no British small business is going to get any of the big contracts from this… all will just go to the usual big US companies to strengthen them (very anti competitive).
      Im really worried that one day everything will be privatized and everything will be in the hands of the American pigs.

    • The fact that the politicians are using scare tactics to make us vote to stay in the EU sums up the EU pretty well!

    • David Cameron isn’t for democracy he is for plutocracy and will sell this country to the highest bidder!