• James posted an update 2 years, 4 months ago

    Now the bank of England has started using threats to keep us in the EU… despite the fact that the bank of England should be completely neutral and have no politically bias the Bank of England have said that leaving the eu could harm the uk economy.
    However this is just complete speculation from the bank of England! The bank of England boss Mark Carney has warned that leaving the EU could cause England to be pushed into a another recession based on the current suspected slowdown of our economy Mark Carney has said has been caused by uncertainty of us leaving the EU… and this is why the bank of England has chosen to keep interests rates at 0.5%.. but Mark Carney is purely speculating that the uncertainty surrounding our future in the EU is to blame as correlation does not always mean causation as this slowdown could be due toa whole number of different things..

    • Now the IMF has warned that if we leave the EU “Markets may anticipate such adverse economic effects. This could entail sharp drops in equity and house prices, increased borrowing costs for households and businesses, and even a sudden stop of investment inflows into key sectors such as commercial real estate and finance.”
      It looks as though the globalists elite are scared that if Britain’s does leave the EU this may thwart their world domination plans! All of this scare mongering is actually giving me confirmation that we need to leave the EU and break out of the “system” by becoming independent and self reliant as a nation so that we cannot be bullied and controlled by the big banks and the world elite.

    • I’m not surprised! Especially not by the IMF.. cannot let Americas plan of taking over the world go to pot by letting democracy prevail.

      It is so funny seeing Obama and Hilary Clinton trying so so hard to get use to stay in the EU.. whilst Donald trump says he think the Uk should leave the eu…… That shows that the democrat part hates democracy and is all about big business and globalization!