• James posted an update 2 years, 4 months ago

    Is it just me who thinks that it is just plain wrong that GOOGLE gets away with AVOIDING paying billions in cooperation tax and then is rewarded by our government by getting a lucrative contract with the NHS to build an app for them! What is wrong with a Uk business creating this app instead? Oh wait I forgot the Torie government could not give a stuff about Uk businesses and instead will just give big businesses who pay the Tories lobby money.

    Not only does google get to waste some NHS budget money.. but also Google has also been given 1.6 million patients CONFIDENTIAL medical records without the patients permission! I can imagine in the future when google becomes even closer to the mark of beast google will develop more apps for the NHS that will judge who deserves treatment and who does not.. google already judges who’s businesses should and shouldn’t do well on the internet so this shouldn’t be too much of a leap for these disgusting people to make.

    • I agree totally!!! I think Google is a disgusting company and cannot be trusted at all with the patient data!! Google will use this data to make even more money after all that is Google’s business model.. give out free stuff like android and make the user the product by collecting tons of data from users to make money from them!
      Also since google has such strong ties with the US government and by giving the US government such sensitive information could pose a security threat for our country if ever the US want to take us out of of the picture.

    • What this app even going to do? Just a big waste of money that could have been better spent saving peoples lives.