• James posted an update 2 years, 4 months ago

    If you think the EU is too intrusive and anti democratic then just you wait! According to Junker the non elected leader of the eu… there are too man “part time Europeans” and that the European vision as he calls it is being undermined by national self-interests.. in other words he is saying that for the EU to work properly all countries must be 100% in… and should not put democracy first. I think these latest comments from Junker are directed towards us here in the UK! Now I hate to even imagine how much further the eu bureaucrats will go and how much more power this super state will suck from us if we do decide to vote to stay in the EU!

    • In my opinion the EU is a monster trying to destroy our democracy and has been set up by the AMERICANS through their control of Germany after world war 2.. AND when America does merge with the eu through the transatlantic investment and trade partnership that gives America priority and the final decisions in laws made then it is quite clear to see what is really happening and we will see even more big US companies coming to our shores (AVOID PAYING TAX) and basically enslaving us through their monopolies.