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    After decades of oppression by America, Cuba has finally given in and succumbed to the American beast and it hasn’t taken America very long at all to get the ball rolling and to exploit the Cuban people.
    Already Google (AKA THE CIA), is even offering to give Cuba faster internet… and Google is not doing this out of the goodness of Googles heart but to spy and to exploit Cuba for all its got.
    If you think I am just saying all of this because I just dont like google… then you should probabaly read this: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-03-21/clinton-emails-reveal-google%E2%80%99s-role-attempting-oust-syrias-assad?page=1
    Basically that article on zerohedge explains how google has been manipulating its search results to help foment the Syrian revolution and to cause more bloodshed in Syria. Not only that third in command at google Eric Schmidt (weasel) has also been given a new top role at the pentagon as head of the innovation board…

    This is an attempt by the US to infiltrate into Cuba and to control it… and one way the United States can do this is through propaganda via the internet.

    • Cuba’s culture is going to totally disappear now! I wonder what Castro would have have to say about all of this?? Is Castro still alive.. or have the Americans bumped him off in secret as to not start another revolution?