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active 3 months, 2 weeks ago

Michelle Obama called “ape in heels”in viral racist Facebook post

A racist facebook post implying that Michele Obama is an “ape in heels” has gone viral in America and is causing major controversy. The racist facebook post was created by Pamela Ramsey Taylor director of a not for profit group from a small American town Clay county where 98% of its 9,000 residents are white, […] More

Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are both as bad as each other

  The recent revelations about Trump talking about groping women on a bus and the laughable presidential debate on Sunday just confirms the fact that America is doomed if either Donald trump or Hilary Clinton get in power. Both Hilary Clinton and Donald trump are not fit to by president (nor is Obama he should […] More

Reviewed: The Best and Worst insoles (Open list) (9 submissions)

Since writing my post about me getting plantar fasciitis I thought that it would be helpful to create this open list to let people share their thoughts and reviews on insoles that they have tried. Submit your own review and remember to upvote if you agree with a review and downvote if you disagree with […] More


What insoles to buy for plantar fasciitis!

After getting plantar fasciitis and then wasting tons of money on rubbish insoles I thought it would be a helpful to other sufferers if I listed the bets and worst insoles for treating plantar fasciitis and what pair finally worked for me. What is plantar fasciitis? According to Wikipedia around 80% of people suffering from […] More