• chris posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    The lefties are at it again! Apparently at a university they banned white straight men from going to their EQUALITY conferences!! This just beggars belief.. This just proves how hypercritical some so called lefties are by banning people from an event solely because of that persons gender, sexuality and orientation.

    Straight White Men Banned From Equality Conference

    • Shows how clueless and stupid these people are if they don’t see the irony to this.. unless they do and this is just some form of revenge.

      In my opinion this lgbt thing is all about being right on and trendy and nothing else……………..Why is being white, straight and male a untrendy thing all of a sudden.. the media sets the trends according to the establishments agenda.. the establishment want us to loose sight of who we are so the establishment can control us better.