• chris posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    *Spoiler alert*

    I really didn’t see that coming on The Flash season 2 finale! It was a really amazing just as The flash beats Zoom and all the loose ends get tied up The flash suddenly decides that he doesn’t like how everything has ended up (after Zoom kills his father).. so the flash travels all the way back into time to stop the reverse flash from killing his mother and succeeds. We see the implications to timeline straight away because we see The flash from season 1 when he firsts goes back into time to try to stop the reverse flash who is hiding in the bedroom vanish. Now the question is where are they going to take it for season 3.. will season 3 start from the very beginning but with a totally different storyline one where Barry is growing up with both of his parents and nothing to do with the black family (sorry forgot their names) and what will happen to the flash from season 2 who by the looks of it is just stuck in the past because the future that he belongs to no longer exists or will the flash go into the future to and stop the reverse flash their as well as after all the reverse flash did say that the flash was on his future for some reason!!! Also is after Zoom got taken away by the time wraiths is this the last time we will see him or will he come back either from the other dimension that he was taken too which might not have been affected by the flashes changing of the timeline also because The flash decided to change the past everything that he has done has just been reverted so technically earth 2 still has a zoom problem. There are literally so many different angles they could take season 3 (which has is confirmed by the way)!
    What do you guys think???

    • I think The Flash as well as Gotham are the best things on tv at the moment!!!
      Throughout series 1 and 2 I have been coming up with all sorts of possible theories on what might happen next but every time I think I have things sussed the writers come up with something that I would have never would have guessed in a million years.