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    Something that well and truly sucks is Norton internet security… I got it on my new computer pre installed and it just slows down my whole computer. At one point it was using 90% of my cpu whilst it was updating (which is does quite a lot pointlessly). It is really intrusive and once your subscription finishes it just turns into a virus by bugging you every 10 minutes with popups telling you must renew else your computer will be destroyed by the millions and millions of threats out there. Norton is just a money grabber. Norton simply blocks any program from running if it doesn’t know what it is in other words if a big company hasn’t paid Norton not to put it on the whitelist. Form now on I am just gonna be using a free firewall and just going to be more careful on what I install (using my common sense) instead of just using norton that just slows my computer way down with their spyware and intrusive stuff.