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    Google has been updating the so called search quality algo recently.. in other words the greedy pigs want more money so they are demoting even more small businesses n the search results in order to force them to buy adwords just to be seen. If this is not anti competitive I do not know what is! But do not count on the government doing anything because google basically lobbies the government and has so much power now that is ridiculous.

    • I have noticed changes as well…My site lost even more ranking and more amazon listing have appeared if that was even possible. I only monitor the search results for my site on google I do not actually use google as a search engine anymore after they virtually destroyed my business. Through out the Christmas period google was “updating something” as you can see on sites such as algoroo… there was particular heavy movement during black Friday a day when competition is at its most fierce and the day many businesses count on to do well… but oh no googles updates during the Christmas period just bumped up amazon…

      • 4 months later and things for me have gone from bad to worse… it just doesn’t make any sense to even do anything on the internet anymore because google is doing everything in their wretched power to make sure the only way is too get traffic is to buy adword.. but at £1 per click adwords is unprofitable and a scam!

        What is funny is that in 2003 in a court case (http://www.internetlibrary.com/cases/lib_case337.cfm) a company complained about google pushing them down in the search results and damaging their business but google won that case because apparently computer programs have opinions under the first amendment which means according to the law a computer program that ranks sites automatically has more power and a greater right to an opinion than you or me that writes our opinions on websites!