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  • you still have to pair the extender up with the hub… have you done that?

    ps be very CAREFUL WHAT YOU USE.. an awful lot are not actually legal to use. I know a friend who bought a wifi extender from amazon and it actually burst into flames. Amazon is just full of cheap Chinese fakes.

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    I would say refuse delivery and contact the company to point out their mistake….its not worth the guilt if you kept it IMO.

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    Your right! There is one particular race doing most of the stabbings and they aint indigenous to the uk or even Europe!

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    The study (undertaken by vegans) on which this claim is based has been widely debunked as their methodology and assumptions were massively flawed at best, but more likely rigged to get an answer they wanted.

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    Wave Goodbye to the NHS!
    “Dozens of NHS hospital trusts across England are looking at (or already have) set up private companies in which to transfer swathes of vital NHS staff and assets.”

    Privatisation through the…[Read more]

    • I said this the day the Conservatives won in 2010.

      They really do deserve the title of the Nasty Party. The only party that kept the worst of them from emerging was the Lib Dems. And we all know how that turned out for the longevity of the Lib Dems.

      • Yup! I can remember Michael Portillo(sp) cheerfully saying if they’d been honest about planned changes to the NHS they would never have been elected, and seeming okay about the deception of ‘No top down reorganisation to the NHS’ being repeated before they were.

        As deceptions go it’s a pretty fundamental one, compared to some in the game of politics.

        • It’s the silent way it’s being done which get’s so angry. If you don’t go looking for it you never find out!! Grrrr!

          It shouldn’t be this way.

    • A disgrace, if I could afford to emigrate i would and leave this selfish and inward looking country for the brexit nobheads and little englanders to squabble over. What is supposed to be so great about our country? I can’t get my head around it. No one cares about anyone but themselves and the place has the look and feel of a scruffy car park…[Read more]

    • Several unions in Yorkshire Trusts are already balloting for industrial action. Thus far it has only been put forward that non-clinical roles are transferred to these new companies. Thin end of the wedge for many low paid, mainly woman, in the NHS.

    • Its a good job that our legal system, CPS and Police are not affected by the austerity measures in the same way that the NHS is.



      This would now be turning into an ecumenical matter.

      • The real trouble for the NHS (and us) though is not austerity, but selling off the family jewels!

        1.It’s not theirs to sell
        2.We’ll never get it back
        3.If whoever buys it will be propped up when it goes tits up.

        Meanwhile BBC Newsnight featured a segment on the NHS in which cancer specialist Dr Karol Sikora called the health service…[Read more]

      • What I can’t quite get my head round is 1970’s Britain, you know, back when we were “The Sick Man Of Europe”. We were completely on our uppers and yet…

        We had a huge army, navy, air force, libraries everywhere, cottage hospitals, fully funded higher education with substantial grants (students could even sign on in the holidays!) and do you…[Read more]

        • The rules changed. The country is being run for the benefit of different people now. I’m not saying the old lot were better, but the new ones have different priorities and want more for themselves.

        • Not really. Look at the spending numbers:

          In 1970, in descending order, education was 5.39 percent GDP, welfare was 5.35 percent GDP, health care was 4.02 percent GDP, and pensions were 3.83 percent GDP.

          In 2010, in descending order, health care was 7.65 percent GDP, pensions were 7.62 percent GDP, welfare was 7.24 percent GDP, and education was…[Read more]

    • All staff being transferred will be ‘TUPE’d across on the same T’s and C’s with the same right so what’s the issue? A different logo on top of their payslips? If a hospital can save £12 million in VAT payments and the annual savings of £5million (and plough that saving back into frontline care) then what’s the problem?

      • The hospital is paid for out of general taxation, the VAT goes back in to general taxation. There is no saving for the taxpayer here, just an excuse. Not even to sell off the family silver, to give it away.

        Under the radar, without any proper debate, we are moving over to an American style health system. Which as we know sucks if you need…[Read more]

        • “Under the radar, without any proper debate, we are moving over to an American style health system.”
          What is your evidence for this?

          Why is the transfer of staff from a publicly owned institution (the Trust) to an institution wholly owned by that Trust a sign of “privatization”?

          • Well, try this. Ask the next ten people you find yourself in conversation with “how much of the ambulance service do you think is privatized”. Going off my own experience nine out of the ten will have the firm belief that none of it is privatized.

            This is because privatization is going on under the radar.

          • Because these companies (called “NHS Companies”) are no longer part of the public-service NHS system. Poorer employment conditions. Weakened public service ethos. Loss of capability in the core NHS, which shrinks. “Strategic partnerships” with private-sector healthcare companies lead to their eventual absorption into the private sector. Eventually…[Read more]

          • @postmanpat Let’s say for moment you wanted to privatize chunks of the NHS by stealth (I know as a Tory you would never stoop to such things, but just suppose). Wouldn’t arranging things so there were neat “businesses” that could be easily detached from the core NHS be a rather obvious approach to take?

            • And if I wanted to reduce VAT payments and have more flexible labour contracts what would you do?

            • …. and imagine if, at the same time, you introduced extra layers of bureaucracy, vastly increased the numbers of managers, set up unobtainable targets and sought to manipulate public opinion against the NHS.

              It would almost be as if you were setting up a much loved public institution to fail. All you’d need then is a bunch of dodgy Knights on…[Read more]

          • Ah, the apologist has arrived.

            • It’s not an apology.Why would it be? I’m perfectly happy that private companies should provide services to the NHS just as they do in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, Japan etc etc .

              But in this case I am keen to understand why you regard the movement of labour contracts from the State owned entity to the…[Read more]

      • “All staff being transferred will be ‘TUPE’d across on the same T’s and C’s with the same right so what’s the issue?”

        And after a few years they get told that the new employer wants to “harmonise” their conditions with the existing workforce. And if they refuse then they find their job is no longer “economically justifiable in the economic…[Read more]

    • It’s another cake and eat it competition. Put taxes up to fund services people complain… Put up hospital car parks to fund services folk complain…. restructure the NHS to save money and people complain…

      Tell them they can have everything better by paying less tax year on year, they believe you and go away happy.

      Who are the fools in this game!?

      • Unfortunately, your no body wants to pay more taxes, does really exist. Plenty of people would willingly pay more taxes to fund a “proper” NHS. You and other telling us we don’t want to doesn’t make it true.

        The fact is there’s no method for anyone to discount this Tory meme that no one wants to pay more tax. The Tories don’t want more tax, but…[Read more]

      • There was a fascinating article in the Economist a week ago looking at what tax rises were needed to fund people’s expectations in respect of the nhs, social care and so on.

        Analyzing IFS figures it was saying that the shortfall is about £60bn and it looked at ways this money could be raised.

        A 1 p increase in everybody’s tax barely dented the…[Read more]

    • You guys in England should get yourself a devolved parliament like in Scotland. You’d almost certainly find that an English government with responsibility for the NHS, Police and Universities would do a far better job of minding the store than the tossers at Westminster with their ideological Grands Projets.

    • The NHS is up for sale to the lowest bidder. And like Corillion, when things go tits up, and they will, then the tax payer bails them out. Either way its a win-win for whoever bribes their way to the best contracts. They either make a killing, metaphorically or physically and if it goes bad then the government gives them money to compensate.

      • Except the NHS Isn’t like all the other institutions that have been privatised, it’s special. For most in this country, it shepherded them into this world and if it still exists, it will shepherd them out. It is very important for a lot of people that they know that the organisation that is caring for them, in these literal life or death moments…[Read more]

      • Services can be provided to the NHS by external providers. That has been true since the Blair/Brown era and they still represent less than 10% of the total. No French or German whines that their health services are being “sold to the lowest bidder”. They just acknowledge that that a health services should be run on pragmatic not narrow ideological lines.

    • It is about time that the Tories were finally honest, told people the truth, and did something, instead of letting things degrade in the hope that people eventually turn against the NHS ( it’s probably not going to happen, given that it is the “religion” of the British electorate)

      They have become a party of populists and demagogues, and visibly…[Read more]

    • The privatisation of the NHS, or any public service, is happening as a result of an ideology. Lots of people seem to think that it’s happening because of failed left wing ideologies and ‘the market’ will sort it out. It’s not – it’s happening because of the ideology of the right wing

      The government are not doing this because they are “keeping an…[Read more]

    • There is no chance of a move toward a US system any time soon, regardless of the politics. It’s materially not possible in the foreseeable future.

      However the likely direction – and that has been the direction for a while – is to still have a free at point of use, taxpayer funded healthcare system, but provided by private contractors.

      Fake…[Read more]

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    RBS. Should the gov sell it? Ten years after the government bailed out the RBS it has taken all that time to turn it around and start to make a profit.

    Admittedly it is looking at a massive fine for its part in the sub prime but after that there is the potential for filling the treasury with serious wedge.

    Rather than relying on Speed Cameras…[Read more]

    • While it is making profit I think the Gov should keep hold of it, it would be crazy not to. However you have to think if they sell it off their mates can buy it on the cheap and keep them happy and made a load of money (Royal Mail anyone).

    • You must be mistaken, there is no way something in public ownership could ever be run efficiently or at a profit. If by some accident RBS does end up making money it should immediately be handed over to those who rightly deserve to benefit, i.e. people who can afford to buy shares. Certainly wouldn’t want all that lovely profit being used to fund…[Read more]

      • You should learn the difference between public ownership, and managed.

        With it’s recent history, why would any sane government want to hang onto the Royal Bank of Scotland?

        • I’m perfectly aware of the difference which is why I said ownership in my post. Besides, as the owners they still have to manage to an extent .

          • Owning a majority stake in a plc is not the same as owning 100% of a private company or a state-owned utility. 29% of the company is owned by private investors, which means your pension. Anything other than an orderly disposal would be damaging to people’s annuities and, in any case, it will not be easy for the government to offload their stake…[Read more]

      • “Certainly wouldn’t want all that lovely profit being used to fund things like welfare scroungers.”
        Your a jackass.
        That lovely profit could go to NHS funding. I’m guessing that this is a more realistic objective than reading lies printed on a big red bus?

    • If RBS is going to continue to be run as a normal full service bank then it should be returned to private ownership when the government can get good value. This may mean waiting until there is less uncertainty about mis-selling fines.

      I think the government should only keep hold of RBS if it intends to create a new girobank to ensure that just…[Read more]

      • “If RBS is going to continue to be run as a normal full service bank then it should be returned to private ownership when the government can get good value. This may mean waiting until there is less uncertainty about mis-selling fines.”


        • Firstly, because that was the basis on which it was nationalised.

          But also, I think banking is a competitive marketplace, and therefore the government does not need to be competing in this market place on a like for like basis. Because of uncertainty, it is probably undervalued, so now is probably not the best time to sell.

          If RBS is set up to…[Read more]

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    > We are still a loooong way off any possible Skynet scenario.

    except for the real Skynet of course, first heard about it back in 73/74

    I hope it all turns out like Sirius Cybernetics “Share and Enjoy”

  • chris posted a new activity comment 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    I have no problems with robots or AI.. its the people in control of them that you have to be worried about. With a healthy economy with lots of competition etc everything will be fine and dandy but if everything continues to center around the silicon valley elite then you got problems. Already we seen how ruthless these tech company’s tax…[Read more]

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    Try contacting your local fracture clinic. It’s the follow on from A&E when you’ve broken a bone.

    You should be able to refer your self.

    • You shouldn’t need to. Your end-to-end care should be managed from the point you walk in with an issue (or from the 999 call, if applicable) right through to eventual discharge.

      This is something the NHS is absolutely terrible at. A small number of consultants, including fortunately the one I am seeing at present, are quite good at doing it…[Read more]

  • How do you organize the funding for this – buy to let mortgage with own place as security on the mortgage?

    More usual approach is take a mortgage or further lending on your existing home to fund the deposit or purchase of a Buy to Let investment. Look into what you can raise as this may narrow down your options into what type of property and how…[Read more]

  • Blimey Google would have freaked out if it had existed when we were kids…. bonfires, tunnels in the garden, petrol and sodium chlorate & sugar explosions, neighbours’ kids tied to trees and pelted with apples, bikes crashed into cardboard boxes, tree climbing, we even climbed down into a disused septic tank and built a platform out of oil drums.

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    Eric schmidt is on the list of people going to Bilderberg <<<which says it all really! #SCUMBAGS

    • It is crony capitalism at its best.. also apprently 250 people have went eithier from google jobs to government jobs or vice versa over the Obama regime.

  • chris posted a new activity comment 2 years, 2 months ago

    Now scientistsare growing human organs inside pigs!!! EEEEEEEK

  • chris posted an update 2 years, 2 months ago

    Does the Bilderberg group run the world? Yes by the looks of this graph which illustrates the tight grip its memebers have on our economy and society.
    What is also interesting to note is that half of the people in the bilderberg group are “Jewish” even though jewish people only account for around 2% of the worlds population (I guess this is…

    [Read more]

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    The lefties are at it again! Apparently at a university they banned white straight men from going to their EQUALITY conferences!! This just beggars belief.. This just proves how hypercritical some so called lefties are by banning people from an event solely because of that persons gender, sexuality and…[Read more]

    • Shows how clueless and stupid these people are if they don’t see the irony to this.. unless they do and this is just some form of revenge.

      In my opinion this lgbt thing is all about being right on and trendy and nothing else……………..Why is being white, straight and male a untrendy thing all of a sudden.. the media sets the trends…[Read more]

  • chris posted an update 2 years, 2 months ago

    *Spoiler alert*

    I really didn’t see that coming on The Flash season 2 finale! It was a really amazing just as The flash beats Zoom and all the loose ends get tied up The flash suddenly decides that he doesn’t like how everything has ended up (after Zoom kills his father).. so the flash travels all the way back into time to stop the reverse…[Read more]

    • I think The Flash as well as Gotham are the best things on tv at the moment!!!
      Throughout series 1 and 2 I have been coming up with all sorts of possible theories on what might happen next but every time I think I have things sussed the writers come up with something that I would have never would have guessed in a million years.

  • chris posted a new activity comment 2 years, 2 months ago

    The fact that the politicians are using scare tactics to make us vote to stay in the EU sums up the EU pretty well!

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