Melania Trump gets her own Statue

A life-sized Melanie Trump statue has been erected of her in her hometown of Sevnica, in Slovenia as a “tribute”. But some have failed to see the resemblance to the first lady in the statue. The statue that has been carved into a tree depicts the First Lady on Inauguration Day in 2017, wearing a blue dress designed by Ralph Lauren and waving at crowds.

The statue was created by Brad Downey, an artist from Kentucky who commissioned a local and “amateur chainsaw sculptor” Ales “Maxi” Zupevc to carve it for him. The statue will be part of of a documentary and exhibition Downey has been working on according to his Instagram account where he released the following statement:

“Brad Downey’s new ongoing project ‘Melania’ is a documentary film consisting of several parts about the construction of a monument of Melania Trump, carved into a tree that is still rooted in her hometown of Sevnica, Slovenia. For the film, Downey and his team spent several months filming interviews with Maxi along with locations around the town. The result is a personal portrait of Maxi and his thoughts about Slovenia, the USA, Europe, immigration and class division. Through these interviews the film attempts to capture the spirit of Slovenia, which seems to be mirrored in Maxi’s interactions with his family, environment and his feelings about art, God, love, and country. By focusing on one working class man’s portrayal of a public and internationally known personality, the film offers insights on local and global problems and policies illuminated by the USA and Europe and beyond.”

It is uncertain if the statue is a serious tribute to Melanie Trump of a mickey take.

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