in review: Avoid at all costs its a scam!

Earnings suck and does not payout

If you are looking for an alternative to google adsense then I would strongly suggest that you keep well away from This is because (Yahoo, bing contextual ad network) does not pay its advertisers and essentially scams webmasters out of free advertising.

Ambiguous and unreasonable conditions in their program guidelines allows them to ban accounts whenever they like, for example:

-Your site needs to “Receive majority of their traffic from US / UK / Canada”, which is just simply stupid. Site owners should not have to spend their time blocking people from other countries by creating a firewall like the Chinese government just to appease guidelines. If does not like traffic from outside these countries they could simply block ads from showing for ips not living in those countries. HOWEVER according to a large majority of complaints found online points to this rule when banning peoples accounts, often just before they are meant to get paid.

-Another unreasonable demand in the ad programs guidelines is that site should not “Deceptive or manipulative content or construction of sites to improve search-engine ranking”. is not a search engine so why this should bother them goodness only knows. This rule is so ambiguous that it can allow to ban your account for practically any subjective reason they like in order to not pay you. also wants to dictate what you can and cannot have on your website. With guidelines by preventing ads from displaying on ““Pages containing profanity or content that and/or discriminates or is offensive to any section of people” or “Hate, violence, racial intolerance, or advocate against any individual, group, or organization” it is quite clear that once you have ads on your site you are no longer in editorial control of your site. According to rules this post would be enough to get this site banned from media.nets program as I am writing “against any individual, group, or organization”

-If you use wordpress and use use a cache plugin to make your site load faster for example W3 Total Cache you are also at risk of getting banned “Cache or otherwise store the ads in any form or manner”.

-If your ads are “Placed on free hosted pages” may use this as an excuse to ban your site. How can know whether a site is being hosted on free hosting or not and why would it matter?

-You are also not allowed “Sites with fake news ”, yet another ambiguous rule that also undermines your editorial control of your site. What constitutes as fake news to anyway? Donald trump considers CNN to be fake news? Does that mean CNN would get banned?

It is quite clear that is up to no good and has constructed its guidelines in such8 a way to allow it to ban peoples accounts using vague excuses just to get out of paying people their due money.

All sites must be approved manually by some one who works for the company before websites are accepted and allowed to add ads to their website. So, why does approve sites that are breaking its guidelines and wouldnt be allowed to generate money from them in the first place? Which to me suggests that simply uses these guidelines for excuses later on when it comes to payout time to not pay webmasters.

Doing further research into this ad network it seems another way gets away with not paying people is to set their RPM to $0.0. RPM is basically Revenue Per 1,000 Impressions. uses SECRET computer algorithms to calculate the value of the traffic of a website. If you rpm is set to $0.0 it means that no matter how much traffic and eyeballs see your ads you will not be paid a penny! Many have complained that despite getting thousands of real visitors to their website and generating thousands of impressions on their ads they get ZERO money from because their traffic is deemed “low quality”. Webmaster have to take’s word for it that their traffic is low quality, this is because does not disclose to webmaster how they came up with the conclusion that their traffic is low quality.

On one of my sites that I places their ads on I failed to earn any money because my RPM was set to $0.0 despite generating thousands of impressions from high quality ENGAGING traffic coming from google news. After trying to contact my “account manager” called “Rohan” about why my RPM was set to $0.0 and why my traffic was not generating any money I was simply ignored.

I have since removed ads from my site and will never ever use them again. I you have has a similar experience then please feel free to comment below and share your story. Just because these scammers are part of big company doesn’t mean that they should be allowed to get away with scamming people like this!

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  1. It is funny that likes banning peoples accounts for low quality traffic when the ads it displays on your site are extremely low quality.

  2. Same experience. My traffic was way over 90% USA and CAN and they still suspended me and took my money. Total scam using Yahoo and Microsoft names to make them seem legit.

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