Matt Hancock breaks his own covid rules to have an affair

It would seem that it’s one rule for us and another for the Tories!

The hopeless Matt Hancock has been forced to apologize after The sun newspaper revealed that he has been having an affair with a married women during the pandemic. What is more is that he has also been breaking his own covid social distancing rules to get his leg over.

For many many months now people have been forced to obey lockdown restrictions and social distancing rules. People who have broken these rules have been fined and in some cases arrested by the police. However yet again its been revealed someone in government has been breaking covid rules and nothing will be done about it.

Speaking about Matt Hancock’s affair Boris Johnson has said that “he has full confidence” in him and as far as he is concerned the case is closed. However this is to be expected by Boris Johnson a philanderer who has had multiple affairs himself and has absolutely no morals or integrity at all.

Whilst many of us have been suffering from the horrendous consequences of lockdown and have not been able to see our loved ones Matt Hancock has been breaking the rules that HE created without a care in the world it would seem.

If the health secretary is okay with breaking the rules and doesn’t see the importance with to sticking to them then why should we?

In my opinion, Matt Hancock breaking the rules shows that the threat of covid19 is not as bad as the government is trying to make out. These rules and restrictions are in place not to stop the spread of a virus but to simply control society instead. It is one rule for us and another for the Tories who can do whatever the hell they like during this pandemic without any repercussions whatsoever.

What do you think?

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