Lockdown is turning covid19 into a SUPER virus

Lockdown isn’t just destroying peoples lives and businesses it is also creating a super virus. A super virus which will know everything about your immune system but your immune system will know nothing about it.

Lockdown should never have been used as a long term strategy and is actually making the virus more deadly for both young and old people. The truth is that lockdowns are only ever meant to be used as a way to eliminate all cases of a virus along with closing borders to prevent a pandemic not to stop one. However due to Boris Johnsons incompetence covid19 was allowed to spread uncontrollably in the UK making lockdowns an ineffective and potentially dangerous way of controlling the virus.

Despite having 3 different lockdowns covid19 is still spreading in small pockets of the population and is still mutating into different more spreadable variants. Whilst we stay at home and avoid it completely the enemy virus is learning and adapting to our immune system and how to evade it.

Lockdown is potentially making young people just as vulnerable to covid19 as old people are.

Our immune systems are designed to gradually adapt and evolve with viruses that are in circulation. They will learn about the slight mutations that pop up and combat against them and even help stop them from spreading to others by killing the virus faster when it enters the body. However, lockdown stops this natural process from occurring and gives covid19 as well as other viruses the upper hand allowing them to carry on mutating and the ability to evade the human immune systems… eventually making the virus far more deadlier overall for everybody.

The original strain of covid19 is extremely benign for most young people with healthy immune systems but if covid19 is allowed to mutate further and our young peoples immune systems are unable to learn about these new mutations we may end up with a virus that is able to evade even healthy immune systems and wont just kill old people but also young people too.

What do you think?

Written by James

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