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LIAR Professor John Edmunds caught making up fake news about covid

Professor John Edmunds is a sadistic troll who wants the pandemic to go on forever by making up fake science to try to force the government into having more covid restrictions.

Yesterday Boris Johnson announced that he hopes to end all covid restrictions a month early. This decision is based upon the fact that the data is all pointing in the right direction and that he doesn’t see any need for the restrictions.

However, despite all the data showing that covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths are falling and that the winter peak has passed fake scientists such as Professor John Edmunds think that they know better. Last night Professor John Edmunds appeared on ITV news and without any scientific evidence or explanation claimed that covid19 was more prevalent than ever. This claim is completely made up. Data is showing that covid cases are lower than they have been for several months. This isn’t the first time that Professor John Edmunds has done this. Throughout the entire pandemic this blatant liar has appeared on many different news outlets to spout his “expert opinion” which is then proven wrong later on. For example when Omnicron first emerged from South Africa Professor John Edmunds made sure to be one of the first “scientists” to appear on the news to give his opinion. Again without a shred of scientific data John Edmunds tried desperately to push the idea that the Omnicron variant was more deadly and that vaccines would not work against it to try to pressurize the government into doing another lockdown. This was all contrary to what the scientists who first discovered Omnicron were saying which was that this new variant was less severe than other variants and that people were making it a “storm in a tea cup”. Later on it was proven that Professor John Edmunds was talking a load of rubbish and he was wrong to ignore the scientists in south Africa as various studies have proven that the Omnicron variant is in fact 70% less severe than the delta variant.

This proves that Professor John Edmunds is not a real scientist but a troll who appears on any news program that will have him to make claims that the worst will happen without any scientific evidence at all. He must get a kick out trolling everyone or something either that or he is has some financial motive to keep the pandemic and covid restrictions going for as long as possible.

Professor John Edmunds does not seem to care at all about the suffering that people are going through caused by the covid restrictions and lockdowns and just seems to want to rip everyone’s hope away all the time. Since the pandemic started rates and depression have more than doubled and suicides have increased due to the harmful effect that covid restrictions and lockdowns have had on our lives. Furthermore the restrictions have all created a huge NHS backlog of of people needing hospital treatment for non covid related illness and many have died because they have not received the treatment that they needed. A study conducted in America has found that lockdown and restrictions have only decreased the mortality rate of covid by 0.02% making many now question the whole point of them. However despite this John Edmunds is determined to get them back even if that means making up as much rubbish as possible to scare the government into locking down again.

The vaccine rollout, new antiviral drugs and widespread herd immunity means that we are no longer anywhere near the same situation that we were in 2 years ago and Professor John Edmunds is simply wrong and his constant trolling is HARMFUL. His comments will push some people who are suffering with mental health problems over the edge by making them think that their is no hope and the pandemic will never end. His trolling will also deter people from getting the vaccine because they will get the impression that the vaccines don’t actually work and not worth getting. John Edmunds is just a sadistic troll who gets a kick out of trolling everyone with his “expert opinion”. He has no creditability and should be ignored and not take seriously.

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  1. Professor John Edmunds is fucking melted faced mutant who needs crawl back under the rock he came from. This SAGE bastard has done nothing to help anything during this pandemic all his has done is spout his non scientific crap about covid all pandemic just to scare everyone.

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