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Lenovo computers suck

Recently I decided to buy a new desktop because the one I was using was getting on a bit (6 years old) and was getting slower and slower. So I replaced my old computer with the Lenovo thinkcentre and to be honest I wish I didn’t bother as this new desktop that cost me £220 is actually slower and worse than my old computer. The reason for this is because Lenovo computers are just packed full of the cheapest and most useless processors and graphics cards around and are built terribly!
As soon as I turned on my new computer for the first time the computer was seemed quite laggy even though there was nothing on it yet unlike my old computer that was jampacked full of old files and junk over the years  this computer seemed to be at the same speed as my old computer!

Not only does this computer lag terribly but there are also all sorts of glitches and issues with this lenovo computer…..

If you are wanting to play games on it like I was then you are going to be sadly disappointed! After buying fallout 4 for Christmas I installed it onto my computer to see what would happen… nothing that’s what! After starting up the game on the computer it would just show a black screen for a few seconds and then crash! What is interesting is that fallout 4 does run on my brothers older, cheaper LAPTOP and laptps are always meant to be slower and less powerful than desktops!
It isnt just new games that my Lenovo struggles with even 10 year old games it doesn’t like! Games such as age of empires lag terribly and the visual effects such as explosions and fire do not even render.

This is because Lenovo desktops are packed with cheap, outdated, garbage intel hd graphics cards in fact all of the parts of the Lenovo computers are built using pretty lame stuff, it really wouldn’t surprise me that the only part of the computer Lenovo actually upgrades with there new computers is the windows version!

Even if you do not play games and just browse the internet this computer sucks at that too… With no inbuilt wifi you have to plug in a wifi dongle (you have only a very limited number of usb ports).. I have found that my lenvo computer actually over heats the wifi dongle quite regularly stopping the wifi from working and disconnecting you from the internet! You will also find that if you have more than a few tabs open in your browser you computer actually starts to lag which is stupid!

If that wasn’t bad enough I started having even worse problems with the computer as a couple weeks using it… out of the blue I started to get blue screens of death appearing for no apparent reason over and over again.
This forced me to have to restore the system to factory settings.. a few more weeks later I started getting the same exact problems with random blues screens of death and freezes. In the space of only a few months I have had to system restore my computer countless times.

I got in touch with Ebuyer who then told me that I could not get a refund only if Lenovo support confirms that my computer is faulty.. fat chance of that happening!
After getting in touch with Lenovo support I was basically told that there was nothing wrong with my computer and everything was normal because people from the Lenovo support team are clairvoyants who know these things through from just a telephone call.

Here is a snapshot of the cpu performance after I had to system restore my computer. The computer lags like crazy even when nothing is running! Lenovo computers are built using the cheapest garbage around and then charge a premium for their shit brand.


Lenovo computers are laughable… but the jokes on me really for paying £220 for this piece of junk!

What do you think?

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  1. I have a lenovo desktop and it really does suck… today I started up the computer and opened 2 tabs in Firefox and it lagged and glitched like mad.
    Next time when I buy a new computer I think I will just go to pcspecialist or something and build my own.. it actually comes out a lot cheaper that way as all brand computers put in cheap garbage components but charge a premium.

  2. I hate my lenovo computer. It must be the worst computer that I have ever bought, Not only is it extremely slow beyond belief it randomly stops things working like the mouse.. the keyboard or the wifi meaning you have to stop what you are doing and restart you computer. Also you can wake up one day and find that Lenovo has automatically added a new program (well I say program but its actually just adware) to your computer without your permission.

  3. I have a lenovo computer and the best way to describe how truly crap it is that it is worse than using one of those windows xp computers that you would get at school in the early 00s.

  4. Lenovo is good if you don’t want to do any work and you enjoy stressing and watching things freeze up all the time. Would definitely recommend anyone thinking of buying a new computer to avoid Lenevo. Worst computer manufacturer ever!

  5. I have a Lenovo window 10 and it can’t even support a basic fps game even with full bars of wifi. This honestly is un fucking believable. I even tried Roblox, can’t even load into the game login screen without it saying Game Crash try restarting your device. I do it and it crashes again. I have tried over 600,000 times to get a refund, but Lenovo won’t take it back saying that they have the best quality computers, but an iPhone 2 is better than this shit. My dad is getting a Dell computer for my 20th birthday which is coming up in 34 days. I can’t honestly wait for it to come. Anyone agree with this?

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