Kim Kardashian ROBBED at gunpoint!

Kim Kardashian has been robbed at gun point by 2 men posing as police officers in Paris.

Two armed men dressed in police uniforms have robbed Kim Kardashian at gun point in her hotel room in Paris Kim was in the city for Paris fashion Week. .The robbers were able to get into Kims room after they handcuffed and threatened the building’s concierge with a gun.

It is believed that the two men took jewellery from a jewellery box worth at least $10 million which included a ring worth $4.5 million alone as well as smart phones. It is believed that the robbers put a gun to her head, tied her up and locked her in the bathroom.

Her Husband Kanye West Kanye West was performing at the Meadows Music and Arts Festival concert at the time in New York. As the news broke Kanye West had to abruptly stop performing halfway through his song “heartless” telling concert-goers ““I’m sorry, family emergency, I have to stop the show.!” andl eft the concert to be by her side.

Kim was not hurt during the robbery however people close to Kim have said that she has been “shaken” by the incident (WHO WOUDLNT BE!)

It has to be said that whether you hate or love Kim Kardashian nobody deserves to be robbed at gun point.. WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS AFTER ALL!

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  1. Some people on the internet ar saying that this is just a publicity stunt/ insurance scam but I really don’t think it is. When you are as rich and as famous as the kardashians you do become a BIG target for criminal gangs.

  2. This was clearly planned because they knew exactly were she was staying and even had disguises. I wonder if they had an insider giving them some information. Cannot trust anyone these days. Hope she is okay.

  3. Scary stuff! Where on earth were her bodyguards at the time?
    I guess also the lesson to learn for other celebs is not to flash and advertise your super expensive stuff around at every opportunity you get else you are bound to get robbed eventually. Material stuff isn’t everything maybe setting up a worthwhile charity that helps people is a better idea to spend her money on next time.. robbers cannot rob that!

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