Kim Kardashian could be thrown into jail for leaking Taylor Swift phone call

Kim Kardashian could be thrown into jail for leaking a private phone call between Kanye West and Taylor Swift in which Taylor swift approves the lyrics”I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex” in Kanyes Wests new (crappy) song famous because sly Kanye West did not tell Taylor Swift or get her permission to record the conversation. The leaked phone call contradicts Taylor Swifts earlier twitter statement where she says that Kanye West did not ask for permission to use those lyrics in his new song and only called her to get her to share the song with her twitter followers. But who can really blame Taylor Swift from wanting to get as far away from the rubbish Kanye West song famous as possible?

It will not be Taylor Swift who will get into trouble for bending the truth though as Taylor Swift can say that there was reasonable expectation that the phone call between her and Kanye was not being recorded and that the conversation was not then going to be on Keeping Up with the Kardashians! Kim Kardashian could be found liable for liable under California’s Penal Code 637 for willfully disclosing the contents of a private phone call without permission from all parties. This could land Kim kardashian with a fine of $5, 00 and even 1 years jail time.

This all being said this is Hollywood and these things should be taken which a pinch of salt as this could all just be a pr stunt to bring attention to Kanye Wests crap song.


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