Kanye West slammed for overpriced “church clothing” merch

A pair of “Jesus Walks” socks for $50 anyone?
Kanye West has been slammed online for making a quick buck out of Jesus’s name by selling overpriced “church clothing” at a recent Easter worship service he set up. TMZ reports that over 50,000 people attended the Easter Sunday Service and it was there Kanye West saw his opportunity to make a tidy profit. Some of the merch that Kanye West was selling included “Holy Spirit” hoodies for $225, a pair of “Jesus Walks” socks for $50 and t shirts with words “Trust God” on the front costing $70 each. There is no indication that any of the money raised from the sales actually goes to charity.

Earlier this year Kanye West started holding “invite only” sunday services on a hill at Coachella with people of all faiths welcome to attend the show. So far the services have been a massive hit with some even speculating that Kanye will start up his own church. West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, told Elle in an interview that his Sunday Service often welcomes Jews, Muslims, and others. Guests to Kanye West’s Sunday services have included high profile names such as such as Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom and DMX.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live last month Kim also revealed that “There’s actually no praying, there’s no sermon, there’s no word; it’s just music,” and when asked if West’s Sunday Service was a church or not, his wife, Kim, answered: “We didn’t really have a name for it because it’s more just like a healing experience.” In other words this event has nothing to do with christianity, instead is just one big ego trip and money making venture for Kanye West!

If clothing isn’t your thing one fan is selling a bag of holy grass from where the event get held at for $510 on Ebay if you are interested.

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