Jobcentre staff to lose their jobs as jobcentres close down

In an ironic twist job centre staff may have to go to a jobcentre to find a new job. The Department for Work and Pensions have announced that they are going to be shutting down and merging a number job centres across the country resulting in 750 job losses.

The announcement comes as the government attempts to save money and is expected to save £140 million through closing a number of smaller centres across the country. The announcement will see 70 jobcentres closed and 68 merged with bigger centres and 750 jobcentre staff lose their jobs. It is also understood that 5 new large job centres will be built and 40 job centres will be co-located to other council buildings.

Many jobseeker claimants will see this announcement as sweet sweet justice as the jobcentre has been known to treat claimants with utter contempt and have sanctioned and stopped millions of peoples benefits forcing them into poverty if they do not agree to work for free to gain “job experience”.

Jobcentres cost UK taxpayers billions of pounds a year to run, with many arguing that they are a waste of money and do not actually help people find a job. Critics also say that jobcentres are set up for “Tory” ideological reasons rather than to help people and just provide big business free labour and a competitive edge via the jobcentres “work program’.

The announcement is’nt all good news however, as many jobseeker claimants will be forced to travel further to a job centre on a limited budget to receive their benefits.

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