Jeff Goldbum set to join Jurassic World cast

Jeff Goldbum is set to make a return to the world of Jurassic Park, It has been revealed that he will be playing a part in the next Jurassic world movie set to be released in june 2018.

Jeff Goldbum starred in both the original 1993 Jurassic park movie and the 1997 sequel the Lost world playing Dr Ian Malcom. Back in 2015 Goldman said that he was not offered a role in the previous Jurassic World movie but said “If I never did any more, I’d be entirely nourished and happy and fulfilled from having done these” but also added

“They’re doing spectacularly well without me.”

Which is very true as Jurassic world that featured no original characters from the previous films made a whopping £1.3 BILLION at the box office making it the 4th highest grossing film of all time.

This won’t be the first time Goldbum has reprised one of his well known roles, in 2016 Goldbum brought back David Levinson in Independence Day Resurgence a role he hasn’t played since the original independence day was released in 1996.

The Jurassic World squeal is thought to be released in June 2018 and will be directed by JA Bayona and have Steven Spielberg as an executive producer.

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