Jacob Rees-Mogg says he is opposed to abortion and gay marriage!

Here in the UK liberals are in melt down after an eccentric conservative mp Jacob Rees-Mogg said on this morning Britain that he thinks that abortion (the murder of unborn babies) is wrong in all cases and that gay marriage is wrong.

He explained to piers Morgan on the show that “Life is sacrosanct and begins at the point of conception,”.. however Piers Morgan was little interested in debate and just wanted to put Rees Mogg down.

These views are far from hatred but fuelled by compassion and empathy.

Piers Morgan demonstrated his hypocrisy as the previous guest who was talking about how gay conversion therapy is “apparently” wrong on the show was arguing that people with opposing views to his shouldn’t be allowed to discuss them and should instead be shouted down. Whilst Piers Morgan dismissed the guest and ignored him, after taking the view that people aren’t allowed to have a view against the liberals was arguing that debate is needed even if you don’t like the views.

However, he then took the opposing view with his next guest 5 minutes later with Mogg, when Mogg had a view that went against Piers Morgans liberal views on gay marriage and abortion. Deliberately misinterpreting what Mogg had said in order to shout him down and cause a witch hunt. Mogg explained that he knew the law of the land was different and that these were his personal catholic views.

It is is quite shameful that the Church of England is tearing itself apart with these sorts of views whilst the Catholic Church is holding its ground. Maybe this is why Christianity is declining in the UK.

Unlike liberals however Mogg pointed out that these views were his personal views and that he respected democracy snd the law of the land.

If Reese Mogg was a Muslim politician it would be inconceivable that Piers Morgan would have asked these questions let alone shout him down.

Reese Mogg was simply expressing his own beliefs and conscience and wasn’t trying to impose them on anyone unlike former liberal democrat leader Tim Farron who cowardly backtracked, denied his own beliefs and made himself look foolish during the last general election. Rees Mogg should be admired rather than chastised….

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