Scholl Orthaheel Sports Orthotics (8/9)

I bought a pair of scholl orthaheel insoles after seeing them being advertised on tv and suffering from major plantar fasciitis at the time I decided to give them the go (even though the drscholl gel were a major disappointment). I really wish I hadn’t bothered though because they are worse than the standard insoles that were inside my running shoes as they are really rigid and hard on your feet Plus the arch support sucks big time because it just isnt there! The right arch support is really important when you are suffering with plantar fasciitis as it helps to keep the strain and pressure off your arches as your foot heals however these insoles do not do this or anything else for that matter.. truth is you cannot even tell you have them on when you are wearing them and your feet still hurt like crazy! These insoles are meant to be for sport and absorb shock but whenever I wore these when going out running or playing football these insoles did not absorb any shock and It just felt as though I was running on hard pavement and underneath my heels would start to hurt after only a couple minutes.
At £20 these insoles are a total rip off so don’t make the same mistake I made and save your money and just don’t buy these cruddy insoles!

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  1. These are over priced and complete rubbish. They do not support your feet and caused mine to ache even more when I wore them. If your thinking of buying these insoles then I would suggest you think again and save your money and buy something else. You can get better from ebay for a third of the prices of these.

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