Adjustable gel heel lifts from NuovaHealth (1/1)

Now you can make yourself look taller INSTANTLY by wearing these height increasing insoles inside your shoes what is more these insoles are super comfortable to wear to!

-Increases your height by as much as 2 inches! Quickly and easily adjust the height on the insoles using the insoles clever layer stack system to find the height that you are most comfortable with!-Unlike obvious elevator shoes or high heels nobody will veer know that you are wearing these insoles to boost your height because they are super discrete and hidden inside your shoes!-Designed to be as comfortable to wear as possible. These insoles feature an inbuilt arch support helping to better support and reduce strain and tension in your feet as well as a shock absorbing air cushion design which will help prevent shock from damage r injury so that you can wear these insoles all day long without any discomfort whatsoever!-The added height that these insoles will give you may help to give you a boost in confidence and may even get you a girlfriend!-One size fits all.-Full money back guarantee! When you buy pair of these insoles you have nothing to loose whatsoever because NuovaHealth offer a full money back guarantee if u are not 100% happy with the insoles. Simply send the insoles back to NuovaHealth using the return address along with your details and they promise to give you a full refund (including all postage costs) with no questions asked. How good is that!

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