Ipad Pro 2 release date leaked

Apple has been pretty tight lipped about when the new ipad pro 2 will be coming out but one of their third party resellers may have slipped up big time.

Apple maybe planning on releasing its ipad pro 2 very soon. A leak has revealed that case manufacturer Urban Armor Gear an authorized Apple reseller knows something that we the consumers don’t! A recent leak has revealed that Urban Armor are plan on selling their Ipad pro 2 cases in June 2017.. suggesting that the ipad pro is just weeks away from being released.
Also revealed in the leak is confirmation that there will 3 different ipad pros available the 9.5, 12.5 and the new 10.5 inch models!

It is worth mentioning that this leak should be taken with a pinch of salt as it is not unheard of for third party manufacturers like Urban Armor to take a gamble and to start manufacturing accessories ahead of time and on rumours.

Whilst many think that the ipad pro is one of the Apple’s biggest failures in the creative world it has been a huge success. The ipad pro has even competed with professional drawing tablets such as the cintiq by wacom (even forcing them to upgrade their own tablets to get rid of a major parallax flaw in them something the ipad pro didn’t have). If rumours are believed apple will be upgrading the speed of the device even more making it even better for creative professionals.
According to rumours the ipad pro 2 will feature various improvements including a faster cpu, super thin bezel, edge to edge screen as well as a finger scanning home button as well a tons of other goodies.

It is thought that apple may release the new Ipad pro during WWDC which is the annual developers convention starting on the 5th june.

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