Internet giants “Day of action” to protest for net neutrality laws

Internet giants will protest FCC decision to abolish current net neutrality laws so that they can continue to censor the internet!

Tomorrow Google, Facebook, Amazon, Reddit, Mozilla and other big internet company’s will participate in a day of online protest as part of “Day of Action” against the FCC abolishing unfair net neutrality laws.

As part of the day of action sites will post videos and blogposts that will try to essentially brainwash people into thinking that net neutrality laws are needed and that President Trump is trying to censor the internet. However the truth is actually the complete opposite. DO NOT BE FOOLED.

These laws were introduced by the Obama plutocracy and were created to allow big MONOPOLYS such as Google to censor what you see online. These online laws allow big companies to stifle competition and to cement their place as the gatekeepers of the internet. For example Google is constantly penalising websites and manipulating it search results on a huge scale in a effort to bully small businesses online to buy Adwords just to be seen! Only recently google was fined by the EU over €2 billion for harming competition through manipulating it shopping search results. The current net neutrality laws means that Google and other big internet giants to continue to do this because the current laws only apply to cable companies. Company’s such as google lobbied extremely hard bribing the democrat party to implement these laws. Google visited the whitehouse more than any other company during the Obama regime. During Hilary Clintons presidential campaign Google pumped her campaign full of cash and even had Eric Schmidt the CEO of google as part of their campaign team. This is why they are now throwing their toys out of the basket because Trump is getting rid of them.

New laws should be created to stop these monopolies essentially censoring people’s businesses and freedom of speech! It is time that the internet became more fair and more equal, its time to end these monopolies from dominating our internet!

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