Imperial college London’s REACT Covid study is FAKE

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Imperial college London Professor Paul Elliot is a fraudster and his REACT study is fake.

The Imperial College London’s REACT study on covid19 has had its funding cut from the government because the government have deemed the study unreliable and pointless.
Professor Paul Elliot who heads the study (It should be noted that Professor Paul Elliot is not a scientists or has any qualification in the study of viruses) has criticised the governments decision to cut its funding and has even resorted to publishing FAKE data to try to stop the government from cutting his funding worth MILLIONS.

After it was announced that its funding would be cut the REACT study is now claiming that covid19 rates are increasing in the UK. However this is simply an attempt to pressurize the government into reversing its decision. The REACT study is simply based upon people reporting symptoms that they may have on an app if they think they might have covid19. The whole study is a complete sham and is simply designed to keep the idea of the pandemic going and tax payers money flowing to greedy corrupt Professors at the Imperial college London.

The pandemic has had a huge negative effect upon peoples mental health rates of depression and suicide have skyrocketed since the pandemic started. Thanks to the vaccine rollout, herd immunity new anti viral drugs and new variants that have lessened the severity of illness covid19 causes we are NOT in the same situation we were 2 years ago. What Professor Paul Elliot is doing which is essentially trolling the general public with fake data to pretend that the pandemic is as worse than ever and making out that it will never end will certainly push some peoples mental health over the edge.

The government have got a lot of things wrong during this pandemic but cutting funding to these fraudsters isn’t one of them.

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  1. In my opinion they should not be allowed to be constantly bombard people with made up covid figures like this it is ruining peoples mental health. It has definitely had an effect upon mine now I am always worrying about new covid waves and going back in lockdown all just so a bunch of spineless professors can get more funding from the government.