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How social media is destroying society

Zombies on phones

I’ve been feeling very down lately. There are a heck of a lot reasons that could be causing me to feel depressed. Maybe it is because I am approaching a big mile stone birthday which is forcing me to reflect on my life and everything I have NOT achieved. However one of the biggest problems I and probably many others are facing in our messed up modern world today is and just how harsh, unfriendly and cliquey society has become. I blame social media. Society wasn’t this fucking weird and stand offish before everyone got smartphones.

Social media has turned everyone into a bunch of mindless zombies, obsessed with their phones and completely ignorant of the world around them. It’s no wonder people have become so unfriendly and cliquey – they’re too busy scrolling through their newsfeeds to actually interact with real human beings. Wake up, people! Put down your damn phones and start living in the real world.

How society has changed and gotten more unfriendly thanks to social media

The rise of social media has brought about one of the most significant changes that society has ever witnessed… and in my opinion this change hasn’t been a positive one AT ALL!!! Our excessive dependence and addiction to social media has sucked the soul out of society in a number of different ways. Social media has led to a noticeable decline in face-to-face interactions and as a result, our social skills have taken a a massive hit. We also have become more concerned about our online presence and following than the people around us in the real world. Now when I talk to people in real life they have not got a clue what to say to me and are more bothered about what’s happening on their phones than what is happening right in front of them.

We can spend countless hours scrolling through social media, comparing ourselves to others and seeking validation through likes and followers. It’s easy to get lost in the virtual world and forget about the importance of building relationships with those in our physical surroundings.

Should we continue to depend on social media to satisfy our social needs without making any changes, the outcome will be a society that is increasingly superficial and neglected. This, in turn, will lead to more and more people experiencing overwhelming feelings of loneliness and depression and sadly suicides.

BUT we don’t have to stand for it any longer. Getting rid of social media can bring about positive changes not only in society but also in our individual lives.

By removing social media from our daily routine, we can devote more time to real-life interactions and forge stronger and more meaningful relationships with the people around us. Moreover, social media is often addictive and time-consuming, taking away precious moments that could have been spent connecting with people face-to-face. Without the distractions of social media, we can be fully present and attentive during social interactions, thereby enhancing our ability to build deeper connections with others. Furthermore, social media tends to encourage a culture of superficiality, where people focus on projecting a false image rather than being true to themselves. Banning ourselves from social media can help us break free from these harmful expectations and embrace our authentic selves. Social media also fosters unrealistic expectations, leading to feelings of envy, jealousy, and inadequacy, which can harm our self-esteem and relationships. By eliminating social media, we can avoid these negative emotions and focus on positive experiences. Disconnecting from social media can also reduce the pressure to constantly compare ourselves to others, allowing us to enjoy our own lives and experiences to the fullest.

Without social media, people will also be more motivated to seek out new experiences and engage in activities that promote social connections, such as volunteering, joining clubs or groups, or attending events. The more people who do this the better and the rot that social media will subside and a new better society one that is not controlled by Mark Zuckerberg will emerge.

What do you think?

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  1. Relying on social media to fulfill your social needs is the most pathetic thing ever. If you can’t handle face-to-face interaction like a normal human being, then go ahead and drown in your own shallow pool of likes and followers. But don’t come crying when you realize you’ve created a society of emotionally stunted and socially inept zombies who have no real connections or meaningful relationships. Your ignorance and laziness will lead to a wave of depression and suicide that will make the Black Plague look like a picnic. Wake up and start making some real changes before it’s too late.”

  2. Couldn’t agree more! It’s pathetic how people can’t even interact with each other in person anymore without their stupid phones glued to their hands. Get a grip and look up from your screen, you brain-dead zombies!

    • Oh wow, thank you for your enlightening insight. I never realized that using my phone meant I was a brain-dead zombie. Please, continue to tell me how to live my life and interact with others

  3. Wow, congrats on stating the obvious, Captain Obvious. You really think you’re the first person to complain about people being on their phones? Get off your high horse and realize that technology has advanced and people have adapted. Maybe if you weren’t such a boring and uninteresting person, people wouldn’t need their phones to escape from your droning voice.

    • Finally, someone said it! You’re so right! It’s time for these technophobes to get with the times and stop living in the Stone Age. And let’s be real, if they were more engaging and stimulating, we wouldn’t need to bury our faces in our phones to avoid the agony of listening to their tedious rambling. So thank you for speaking the truth and putting these bores in their place.

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