Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are both as bad as each other



The recent revelations about Trump talking about groping women on a bus and the laughable presidential debate on Sunday just confirms the fact that America is doomed if either Donald trump or Hilary Clinton get in power.

Both Hilary Clinton and Donald trump are not fit to by president (nor is Obama he should be kicked out and thrown into jail). I do not even know who is worse. It is evident that the media owned by the rich and powerful wants Hilary Clinton to win at all costs largely because Hilary Clinton is a plutocrat and big businesses need Hilary if they are going to continue to exploit the system.

Donald Trumps extremely offensive and sickening comments about groping women reflects how he looks and sees women as objects and not as real human beings whilst Hilary Clinton’s actions in the middle east (giving isis weapons) and all the other extremely bad things says everything you need to know about who Hilary Clinton really is.


In the presidential debate there was no mention of the economy at all! Both Hilary Clinton and Donald trump were too concerned with getting one over on each other than actually debating real policies that will affect real ordinary Americans. Maybe the reason neither of them talked about economics is that there wasn’t anything to talk about because they do not see a problem with the current way things work in America and do not want things to change because they have both have gotten extremely rich through the current system.

Things are looking truly bleak no matter who wins, things are not going to get any better if you are an ordinary American.

One thing is very clear and that is America is not a democracy at all because in a democracy you elect someone who represents speaks for the majority of the people. Donald Trump just speaks for Donald Trump and his ego and Hilary Clinton just speaks for the big businesses that are paying her! Land of the free my arse!

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  1. Atleast with Donald Trump like Hilary Clinton kept on blabbing on about in the presidential debate.. that Russia wants Donald in power and if the Russians are happy then hopefully the feud and proxy wars will stop between Russia and America and that surely is a good thing right? Only Hilary Clinton who loves wars will think that this is a bad thing.

  2. No Donald trump may say dumb things but Hilary Clinton does dumber and more evil things. The bilderberg establishment want Hilary clinton to win so that they can keep on f’ing us all up and is doing everything they can to make sure she wins.

Donald Trump talks about groping women!

Neo liberals are evil!