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Has Boris Johnson got away with the Partygate scandal?

Nobody talks about Boris Johnson having booze up parties during lockdown and blatantly lying to parliament and the general public anymore… because it looks as though this vile man has successfully shoved the scandal well and truly under the carpet.

Boris Johnson has got away with the partygate scandal thanks to the MET police helping to cover up up the scandal and Boris Johnson using the war in Ukraine to push the issue under the carpet.

Nothing has changed Boris Johnson is still the same incompetent, weak and corrupt prime minister that he has always been. If world war 3 does break out the last thing we need is a weasel like Boris Johnson in power.

Even now after being handed a second chance rightly or wrongly with what’s been happening in Ukraine Boris Johnson still cannot properly lead this country because he has not got a single decent bone in that whole fat gelatine mass of his. Not only is the UK government NOT doing enough to help Ukraine fight Putin but they are not even bothering to properly help Ukrainian refugees either. Only a handful of Ukrainian refugees out of the millions that have fled the country have been given visas in the UK.

The Boris Johnson’s government has done very little in the way of sanctions to stop money pumped to the Kremlin fuelling their war machine. Instead of stopping all imports of Russian and gas from Russia like other countries have the Tories have decided to gradually phase out exports… meaning billions will still be given to the kremlin in the mean time. Not a signal Russian oligarch who has links with the tory party has been sanctioned. The Tories are making sure to protect Russian Oligarchs that have donated to their party with. The Tories have also made sure to give those they do plan to sanction 6 months before they get sanctioned giving them plenty of time to sell up and move their assets and money out of the country. This is because the Tories allegiances are with the super rich and not with the people of this country and their interests.

Boris Johnson does not care about the Ukrainian people. He is all talk and no action at the end of the day. Boris is just using the crisis to distract the public from his own problems and to try to increase his dire approval ratings.

It is as though Boris Johnson is made from Teflon… this nasty little man can lie and lie all he wants but nothing no matter how serious sticks to him. One of the reasons for this is because he has given all the top jobs in parliament to Yes-men who will stand by him no matter what. This is exactly what Putin has done which has allowed him to do the evil things that he has done and get away with them with no opposition.

Putin and his Kremlin goons are the perfect example of why we should not allow corrupt liars anywhere near public office. If we allow the standards that we expect of our politicians to be eroded by letting Boris Johnson and his gang get away with their lies and corruption we will eventually find ourselves living in a country not that much different to Russia.

For the sake of our democracy Boris Johnson HAS to go!

What do you think?

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