Harry Styles wears high heels!

Even the most famous pop stars in the world can get paranoid about how tall they are. Harry Styles has been caught wearing man heels (elevator shoes) to give himself a boost in height. Harry was photographed outside the BBC radio 1 studios where he was promoting his new single “sign of the times” wearing a pair of high heeled Gucci loafers. This is far from the first time that a male celeb has chosen to where high heels as a fashion statement or to just look taller. Harry styles was also wearing a suit and a pair of trouser that looked like it they came straight from the curtain rails of an old people’s home.

In the radio 1 interview Harry seemed to confirm that his new song was about a former lover when he was asked what the song was about by saying  ‘I think it’s pretty self explanatory,’ Then turning to his rep, mumbled: ‘Help me Jeffrey,’. Which former lover though is anyone’s guess.

On social media many have mocked Harry’s style choice and high heels. Next time if Harry is looking for a non obvious way to boost his height then we would suggest that he should put some height increasing insoles in his shoes instead… that way people will just think that he is tall rather than that he is getting all of his height from his shoes.

What do you think?

Written by James

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