Hackers demand Ransom from Disney for stolen Pirates of the Caribbean 5 movie

Hackers have hacked Disney servers stealing the upcoming Pirates Of The Caribbean sequel Dead Men Tell No Tales and are now demanding that Disney pays a ransom in the form of bitcoins or else they will leak the movie online.

Disney CEO Bob Iger told a meeting of ABC employees that one of their movies had been stolen and that hackers were now demanding a ransom to be paid in the form of bitcoins (an untraceable crypto currency) to stop them from leaking the movie online. Bob Iger did not disclose what movie had been stolen but it is believed that the movie in question is the new pirates of the Caribbean movie Dead men Tell No Tales…

It is also believed that Disney is refusing to pay the ransom to the hackers and is working with police to find out who is behind the hack instead. Disney may not be wanting to pay the ransom because it may encourage hackers to continue to steal movies to extort money from them.

This isn’t the first time that hacker have been able to get their hands on an upcoming production. In the past The Expendables 3, Hostel Part 2 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine leak have all been stolen and leaked online. Only recently this year Netflix was targeted as well with a hacker calling himself the “Dark overlord” (kind of a pathetic name really) hacking into netflixes servers and stealing the upcoming series 5 of Orange is the new black and demanding a ransom to be paid. Netflix refused to pay and the “dark overlord” then leaked online episodes 2-10 of the new series.
Sometimes money isnt the motivation behind the hacks, back in 2014 sony Pictures was also hacked by North Korean state backed hackers after they released “the interview” a movie that insulted their country and leader Kim Jong-un.

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead men tells No tales is set to be relased in the Uk on may 26…. and is one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year, which will feature Johnny Depp making a return with his much loved character captain Jack sparrow and is thought to bring back the darker style of the first movie. Some have criticized the movie however believing Disney should have axed the franchise many many moons ago and that the upcoming movie is yet another cash grab by Disney.

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