Google wants to CENSOR the entire internet!

In the coming months, Google is set to release a new search engine in China. This search engine codenamed “Project Dragonfly” aims to help the Chinese government/dictatorship to better control, track and censor its citizens.
The new search engine will use an extensive blacklist to censor certain websites and searches that the Chinese government does not want its citizens seeing. Google will also link every user’s search history to their phone allowing the Chinese government to better track and gather data about their citizens. This new tech will tie in nicely with the Chinese governments plans to create a scary social credit system that is meant to be fully operational by 2020 which will monitor and assign a trust score to every Chinese citizen and penalize them if their score falls too low.

A recently leaked document has revealed Google ambitions to take what they will learn and create in China and potentially use it around the world!

“We need to understand what is happening there in order to inspire us. It’s not just a one-way street. China will teach us things that we don’t know. And the people, as you work on this, both in the Chinese offices and elsewhere, paying attention to the things that are happening there is incredibly valuable for us as Google, potentially not just in China, but somewhere else entirely.”

If that wasn’t worrying enough another leak this time from a secret 85-page document titled “The Good censor” written by Google discusses the company’s plans to do away with free speech completely on the internet and wants to “control the majority of online conversations”. These leaks come only a few weeks after it was revealed that the top executives at Google vowed to stamp out any political view not their own at a Google conference just after Donald Trump won the US presidential election in 2016.
For years Google has got away with censoring the internet using its search monopoly to censor and extort money from small businesses through their AdWords system just to be seen online and now Google plans to take away everyone right to free speech on the internet.

Best alternative search engines to use? (A search engine that promises to not track you) (Owned by Microsoft) – I am removing Bing from this list as Bing has proven itself to be even worse than Google. Bings censorship is simply out of control. (Uses Google search results but hides your identity from Google) (Based in Germany is a privacy-respecting, hackable metasearch engine)

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  1. Thank you for recommending for search privacy! Note: a brand new look and upgraded features will be rolling out soon. This includes a better and faster “Anonymous View” proxy option so you can surf the internet in privacy, too.

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