Google upgrades street view cameras to spy on people better

All the better to spy on you with!

Google is currently updating its intrusive Google Street View Cameras on its cars that prowl the streets taking pictures of things and people without permission. In a post on google wants to use the new and improved high definition cameras in conjunction with machine learning to index the real world better. Google will use the photos it takes of signs, business names, and even opening hours of businesses displayed on signs to apparently make it search results better.

From the get go, google maps was designed not help people find places but a way to spy on people. Street view is part of google maps which was originally set up as a project by the CIA who have vast investments in google and other Silicon Valley tech companies.

‘Google has already photographed over 80 billion individual photographs in 85 different countries and things are just about to get a whole lot more intrusive.

The new creepy cars look like this…

Snazzy right? I guess google can afford them when they don’t pay tax!

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