Google to be fined €2billion for abusing its monopoly

Google is expected to get hit with a €2billion fine by EU courts this summer for abusing its monopoly on internet search.  The EU have found the search engine giant guilty of rigging shopping results on its search engine in favour of its own shopping ads harming businesses online as a result. If Google fails to amend it search results so that they are no longer a Sui either the fine could rise to €9billion!

The fine will be the biggest ever dished out by the EU in history and is very much justified. Google’s greedy actions have had a huge negative impact upon small and medium sized business online that rely on internet search to be found by customers.

Google makes a lot of its money through adwords ads displayed which are displayed at the top of its search results the EU has found that these ads are being displayed in a way that is unfair and abusive. The EU started its investigation into Google back in 2010, despite the Eu giving Google a life line by offering the company various concessions Google rejected these and continued its abuse.

One of the tactics that google employs is the usage of computer algorithms code named “penguin” and “panda”. These algorithms are designed and used by google to demote small businesses on it its search engine in an effort to force them to pay extortionate prices just to be visible on the search engine. With some webmaster complaining on various forums that even after paying for Google ads Google just sends them fake bot traffic in return.

Now Google will face a €2billion fine and will be forced to change it search results so that they are no longer Abusive. If Google refuses the eu will fine the search engine giant the European can decide to increase the fine to 10% of the company’s total revenue and could fine the company daily until google changes its results. The search engine giant can appeal the EU ruling but after a 7 year investigation it is highly unlikely that the ruling will change.

The search engine is also being investigated by the Eu for multiple other anti trust offences. The search engine company was recently investigated and found guilty in Russia for abusing its dominance in the smart phone industry with its android operating system.

Google’s slogan is don’t be evil but it is plain to see that this company that is company is doing evil and often Google avoids paying billions in tax and abuses its monopoly for its own game. In my opinion this fine doesn’t go far enough and google should be broken up instead.

What do you think?

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