Google develops military weapons to kill people

Over the last years 20 years or so Google has wormed its way into our homes and lives through its clever marketing presenting itself as a family friendly, fun, liberal brand out to do good. As Googles monopoly has grown we have become more and more reliant on this tech giant to get our information and we trust Google to tell us the truth…but the truth is very different to what Google wants you to beleive. Google is not the company that it makes out that it is. There is only one thing Google cares about and that is is money. Google has been long been criticized for censoring christians on it’s youtube platform, undermining democracy by paying governments huge sums of money to do want, avoiding BILLIONS in tax worldwide, destroying small businesses online but now Google has finally stooped to a new low. Google isn’t just content with ruining peoples livelihoods to make money Google have now has teamed up with the US military to make weapons to kill people.

A leaked email has revealed that Google has been raking in big bucks to develop MILITRARY AI drone systems for the Pentagon as part of a project codenamed “Project Maven”. Project Maven is essentially a project to develop AI technology that will identify targets and determine whether or not they should be blown up by drones.

The leaked emails disclosed to  show that Google would generate revenue from this contract anywhere from $15 million up front to as much as $250 million per year.

In the email Aileen Black, a member of Google’s defence sales team, writes “Total deal $25-$30M, $15M to Google over the next 18 months,” and that “as the program grows expect spend is budgeted at 250 M per year.”

Although ambiguous the emails do reveal how Google AI technology will be a vital part of the new drone systems used in across the world to identify potential targets to drop bombs on. “While the initial core technology focus will remain detection, classification, and (limited) tracking of certain classes of objects, we are considering how to address customers’ concern regarding more challenging use-cases that solve user’s real problems,”

After the news was first broke in March 2018 Google tried to down play its role in the development of the weapons. Diane Greene, the chief executive of Google’s cloud business spoke out about the contract saying that it was “only” for $9 million a relatively minor project for such a large company.
However this email has shown that the contract is a lot bigger and far more lucrative than Google made it out to be. This goes to show that Google is very comfortable to lie to the general public and highlights the lack of integrity and morals Google has as a company.

Google isn’t the only tech company that has no integrity and will stoop to murder just to satisfy their greed. Other tech companies such as Amazon also tried to get this lucrative weapons contract. Although unsuccessful to secure the main contract the email does add that Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing arm of Amazon, “has some work loads” related to Project Maven.

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