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      Raynaud’s disease is a condition that affects around 7 million people across the UK me being one of them! People are diagnosed with Raynaud’s disease when they suffer from periodic episodes often triggered by sudden drops in temperature. These episodes cause your blood vessels to go into a state of shock and narrow as a result restricting blood flow to your extremities and causing symptoms such as pain, stiffness, numbness, pins and needles and in some cases your extremities may even turn white or blue due to the lack of blood flowing into them. Although it is not a serious life threatening condition it does cause uncomfortable symptoms which can affect your quality of life especially during cold snaps in winter.

      There are lots of different so called “Raynaud’s gloves” on the market which claim that they will help treat and prevent Raynaud’s disease. One such pair of gloves that is now being sold all over the internet by fake healthcare websites are “Silver” gloves which they claim help with Raynaud’s disease. These gloves despite the wild claims being thrown around on these scam websites do not work. First of all these gloves are not made out of “silver fibres” like they claim to be. Silver is a highly expensive material instead these gloves are manufactured in China using silver coloured Acrylic thread with zero insulation properties. Even if these gloves were made out of actual silver the amount of silver being used in them which they claim is around 9% is not enough to provide any sort of insulation to keep your hand properly warm. The gloves themselves are also far too thin to which makes them further pointless and useless at keeping your hands warm even if you do not have Raynaud’s disease.

      Priced at £29.99 and showing at the top of googles search engine results these silver gloves being touted by fake healthcare websites will not work and just a big scam. These greedy site owners are praying on vulnerable and elderly people who are suffering from Raynaud’s disease and want to ease their pain… it makes me so angry especially during the cost of living crisis when many old people are turning to wearing extra layers to keep warm this winter as the cost of living crisis fuels poverty in the most vulnerable.

      Whilst no gloves can cure or totally prevent Raynaud’s disease episodes form occurring the best gloves to buy for this conditions are definitely some compression gloves. Compression gloves are and is clinically proven to lessen Raynaud’s symptoms. They are designed to help stimulate your blood vessels and help to keep them expanded and blood flowing into your fingers stopping your blood flow from being cut off when an episodes strikes. My advise would also be to wear compression gloves underneath thermal gloves for when you go outside as well to insulate your hands and keep them warm.

      You don’t even need to wear gloves if you don’t have the budget to spend. Keeping your hands at a constant temperature can also help to stop episodes from occurring as well as lowering your stress levels and cholesterol.

      **END RANT


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      Silver gloves are 100000% a marketing gimmick!!! There is no way that a pair of gloves would have silver fibres in them and not cost a TON of money. They will just be some cheap cotton gloves made in china with little bits of tin foil in them. These gloves wont do anything and these scam websites are scamming people and should be shut down.

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      I took a look and they are just cheap crappy gloves that you can buy from Alibaba super cheap but they are slapping a load of made up features onto the gloves and health claims and ripping people off. No way are those gloves worth £29.99 more like £2.99!!!!

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