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      As a man who attends church regularly, I cannot help but notice the overwhelming hostility that women seem to harbor towards us. It is as though they have all made a pact to make our lives miserable and drive us away from the congregation. I have lost count of the number of times I have been blatantly ignored, received dirty looks and cold shoulders from women in church, and I cannot help but wonder why.

      Perhaps it is because they have all decided to become spinsters and live a life of solitude. After all, their horrid attitudes towards men would certainly drive away any potential suitors. Or maybe it is the fault of the secular media, which seems to delight in portraying white men as evil, misogynistic rapists who should be avoided at all costs. Either way, it is clear that women in church have made it their mission to put men off them.

      As a single man who is looking for a wife, I really cannot help but feel so discouraged by the level of rejection that I receive from women at church. It seems that no matter what I do, I am always met with disdain and hostility. I could easily go to a bar and pick up a non-Christian woman, but the Bible tells us to marry a fellow Christian, so that is not an option.

      And yet, it seems that the women at church are not interested in finding love and companionship. They are more interested in ignoring us and making us feel inferior. It is no wonder that they are destined to become lonely spinsters, unable to find a man who is willing to put up with their toxic attitudes.

      I urge the women at church to reconsider their attitudes towards men. We are not all evil, misogynistic rapists, and we are not all out to dominate you. We are simply looking for love and companionship, just like you. So please, stop making it so hard for us to find it.

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