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    I ordered something (quite large, quite expensive) about a month ago, but then found out it wouldn’t arrive as quickly as I needed it so phoned and cancelled the order. No problem they said, and refunded me.
    I’ve just had a text from the courier saying they will be delivering it this afternoon!

    Friend says it’s their mistake so keep it, although I don’t think I could survive the guilt if I did, but I’m curious if anyone knows where I actually stand with this?

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    Do not accept delivery.

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    I’m about to phone the original company and tell them, and yes I will be refusing it if it still arrives, but I was wondering if my klepto friend was right when he said I wasn’t obliged to.

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    I would say refuse delivery and contact the company to point out their mistake….its not worth the guilt if you kept it IMO.

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    As someone who has run their own mail order business for years the way I see it is that, as a small business, it can seriously harm you, even sink you, if you get a run of dishonest customers claiming not to have received goods or Royal Mail or a courier ‘loses’ goods you’ve sent out or if, as happens to all businesses, no matter how brilliant they are, you make the occasional error or get an unpleasant customer who tries to unfairly harm your reputation. Fortunately not all of these things happened to me but some of them did and it was very hard to stay in profit sometimes.

    If you were in a shop and the customer ahead of you in the queue accidentally left their wallet on the counter would you run after them with it or quickly slip it into your bag and beggar off before they realised and came back to pick it up? If you choose the second option you’ve not mugged an old lady, true, but how do you know how your actions (theft) will impact on the victim? Might make no difference if they are wealthy and the wallet contains next to nothing or it might mean they’ll really suffer. I guess we all have our own moral compasses but doing the decent thing doesn’t mean one deserves abuse or name calling does it?

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