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      I am ashamed to be from the UK currently… although I would be even more ashamed to be America right now. The west is doing absolutely nothing to help the people of Ukraine fight the Russian cannon fodder invaders who are attempting to GENOCIDE THEM.

      Not only does the west refuse to impose a no-fly zone but America/Joe Biden has blocked attempts by Poland to send fighter jets to Ukrainian Pilots to help them defend themselves.

      We are not even helping the refugees fleeing the war. Boris Johnson shitty government is stopping Ukrainian refugees from entering this country with only a tiny handful of Ukrainians being accepted out of the 2 million people who have fled the country.

      All of this makes me feel sick. I am sick and tired of our crap do nothing corrupt politicians.

      **RANT OVER

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      I am appalled and ashamed of how the government are treating refugees too. Not only are we just letting Putin murder these innocent people but we don’t even help them leave. Our government have no moral compass anymore… thanks Boris Johnson.

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      How NATO and the west have done nothing to help militarily is appalling. This showed that the west are just a bunch of selfish, cowardly jerks not as bad as Russia but getting there!!!

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      The west needs to do a lot lot more to stop the immoral Russian scum. It seems at the moment people are more bothered about their rising energy costs than they are about stopping Putin committing genocide in Europe.

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