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      I am sick of turning on the BBC news and seeing them using FAKE covid case data from office of national statistics. Today the BBC are saying that covid cases are on the rise and said that cases are now at 3.3 million according to ONS data. However this is a completely made of figure that the ONS have basically plucked out of thin air.

      Mass testing has more or less ended. Most people I know don’t get tested for covid anymore and this is reflected on the amount of people going to mass testing sites because people no longer need to test themselves because people are no longer getting symptoms and do not need testing. What the Office of national statistics are doing is PERDICTING how many people they think have got covid based upon a small sample that they apparently have taken from testing people in the community. However, it was recently revealed by a whilst blower that even the samples that they supposedly do gather are often FAKED. Instead of testing people the ONS apparently just made up the results saying people have covid when they DID NOT. This explains why GENUINE covid data from mass testing sites was always much lower than the ONS FAKE data.

      The ONS is headed by a sadistic bastard Professor Ian diamond who regularly appears on the news just to troll people at a time when a lot of people mental health has reached rock bottom. This dickhead has also a ton of conflicts of interests that make it highly profitable for Ian Diamond to make it appear that pandemic is still going on when its not.

      Thanks to the vaccine rollout, herd immunity and better drug treatments including a new AstraZeneca drug that is 80% effective at preventing covid19 in immunosuppressed people we are no longer in the same position that we were a year ago. However fake scientists at the ONS and fake news peddling prats at the BBC do not want you to know this. What they are doing is also dangerous because it puts people off taking a vaccine because they start to think they don’t work.

      Enough is enough. Things are getting back to normal So for the sake of your mental health do not believe fake ONS data from the troll Professor Ian Diamond.

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      Professor Ian diamond is a communist who is trying to destroy our economy. This pile of shit should not be allowed anywhere near government let alone be in charge of the governments statistics so that he can make up his own far left propaganda to help China and Russia.

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