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      The Radar… that focuses on news from Sheffield should be shut down. It is just a fake new spewing spam machine. It is obsessed with covid each day I see in my news feed their fake reports allegedly about my home city Sheffield about recent “covid deaths”. I am 100% sure that they are using bots to autogenerate these articles in order to flood the news feeds over and over again to get people to click on their clickbait shit news site so they can then get a few pennies in ad clicks. The articles all read the same and they just slightly change the figures. So at the cost of peoples mental health these rats are spamming the news feeds with their garbage just to get ad clicks maybe I should go round to their offices and beat the living shit out of them to stop this covid fake news scaremongering crap.

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      Yup nothing to worry about. Why would a crappy local newspaper site know everyone’s medical records and be able to say how many people have died each week. They don’t. Its all automated garbage they are making articles for other nearby towns such as chesterfield with the same made up figures. Its all bullshit to get people worried and like you said its just to get everyone to click on their clickbait.

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      Lots of crappy news sites now use templates. Sites such as the radar use templates and insert their so called figures at certain points in the article and use word spinning software to rewrite certain bits to trick search engines into thinking its unique article. This way they can spin out as much spam and propaganda as they like on mass to get lots of traffic with zero effort.

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