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      Think I’m currently suffering from sciatica. Was absolutely fine Friday, Saturday however I’m crippled! Horrendous pain in my lower back which radaites into my left hip and round the front into my lower abdominal area. No pain in my leg other then in the back of my calf, bending over is painful, lying down and moving is painful, sitting down is agony!

      Does this sound like sciatica to anyone who’s suffered with it/currently suffers with it?

      I have fibro, but this pain is totally something else! Already on pregablin, taking paracetamol and ibuprofen but to little effect.

      And to add to it my GP booked an appointment for my first smear test tomorrow as I’ve been putting it off (I know I shouldn’t have!) but I’ve now had to cancel because I can’t lie down, can’t sit down and can barely even dress myself on my lower half! They’ll now think I cancelled because I chickened out. And the weathers rubbish again to make things even better.

      Got work Wednesday praying this pains gone away by then. Bit of a pointless moaning post on a wet and cold Monday.

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      The sciatic nerve runs from each side of your lower spine, down deep into your butt cheek and then the back of the thigh, calf and into your foot. It wouldn’t usually be responsible for pain in your lower abdomen, so that might be a seperate nerve or issue. That said, the level of pain your describe is about right! My sciatica was horrendous, worse than the disc injury itself. I generally go to see a physio/chiro/osteo for issues like that. Hope it is a bit better for your work today.

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      It doesn’t sound like sciatica mine starts in the back or I literally get a pain in my butt like a tight tense feeling and then the pain goes down your legs to your knees, I usually know when mine starts to rumble away and if I do the stretching exercises for a few days I can normally stop it getting really bad.

      Sounds like you may have pulled or strained something if your abdomen is hurting I have done a similar thing before but if it gets worse I would go to the doctors.

      EDIT:Actually ‘re reading your post if you can’t sit without being in terrible pain I wouldn’t leave it call a doctor out if your struggling that much it could be something serious.

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      It doesn’t sound 100% like my sciatica but different people can feel pain from different perspectives. There are many different types of nerve pain that can seemingly originate from the back but also injury originating from elsewhere can cause a sore back.

      If you are not sure what is causing it then first I would get an emergency docs appointment and then I’d be straight to the physio. Both can relieve your pain but in different ways.

      Long term then targeted exercise is of most benefit. My physio showed me several exercises that can to alleviate the pain through various stretches but what I’ve found most useful is working with a personal trainer to strengthen my body and core. I have suffered with sciatica for 20 years but haven’t had an attack in over 12 months since working with a PT.

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      I thought sciatica runs down the back of the thigh – I had it during one pregnancy and by golly it was painful.

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      It could be sacroiliac pain – I’ve had that and could feel it in my hip and pelvis. Also Piriformis syndrome could be another possibility. I got shooting pain in my butt cheeks

      Either way you’ll only know if you get someone to look at it. I use a Chiropracter but perhaps your GP should be your first port of call.

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      Get yourself a hip brace. When I had sciatica I wore one and it really helps relieve the pressure off your nerve and stop the pain

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      Oh no, it sounds like you’re really going through it! I’m sorry to hear that. Based on your description, it does sound like it could be sciatica. Have you had a conversation with a healthcare specialist yet? They can diagnose your condition and prescribe the most effective treatment plan. Until then, take it easy and refrain from doing anything that exacerbates the discomfort. Sending you positive vibes and good energy to get through this!

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