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      Professor Mike Tildesley is part of the governments SAGE group advising the government through the covid 19 pandemic and he is a complete liar who is putting peoples lives at risk just to look as though is right.

      Currently all the so called “scientists” in the government SAGE advisory group are wiping egg off their faces after they predicted only a week or so ago that covid cases would surge to 200, 000 cases a day only to be proven wrong big time as cases have since halved in a week and are continuing to decline. Despite the good news that the vaccine rollout is working and even though most legal restrictions on social distancing have been eased yet covid cases are dropping this isnt not good enough for Professor Mike Tildesley.

      Right through the entire pandemic Professor Mike Tildesley has been salivating over the prospect of having more covid deaths and destruction. He has appeared regularly on news programs to give his “expert” opinion which mainly consists of him telling everyone that we should all stay under lockdown and restrictions forever and that the pandemic will never end. Now that it appears that the pandemic is ending Professor Mike Tildesley is desperately appearing on the news telling everyone that the data is wrong in some way and that we will still see a huge surge in cases. He has no evidence to back this up. In fact, he doesn’t even have any data at all because he claims the governments testing data is wrong.

      Maybe he is has an invested interest to keep the pandemic going like Dr Shaun Fitzgerald who is in SAGE and owns a ventilation company called breathing buildings and is making big bucks from the pandemic. Maybe he is just a Marxist who like Professor Susan Michie who is also in SAGE and wants to herald in a new Marxist world order whereby the government control every aspect of our lives. Or maybe he is just a sadistic troll…who knows! But what we do know is that Professor Mike Tildesley has not provided any good scientific advise to the government through this pandemic and has been wrong over and over again.

      During the pandemic suicide rates have increased significantly. By appearing relentlessly on the news making out that the pandemic will never end and ripping peoples hope away Professor Mike Tildesley WILL be pushing people who are struggling over the edge. Not is he destroying peoples mental health but he is also helping to fuel the anti-vax movement by implying that the vaccine rollout has NOT worked which will also cost lives.
      He is not a scientist he is a scumbag who should be ignored.

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