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      Do not believe a word that comes out of Professor Jeremy Brown’s mouth. Last night appearing on BBC news Professor Jeremy Brown from the joint committee on vaccines and immunisation (JCVI) stated that he thinks that social distancing and restrictions should last even after June 21st the governments date when all restrictions and social distancing should end. He does not have any actual evidence for his comments and the actual data actually suggests the opposite but that wont stop him trying to pull the rug from everyone’s feet. The fact is he is just sadist who has been feeding off the pandemic since it started.

      This isn’t the first time that he has tried ripping peoples hope away like this. Only a couple months ago he was saying that he said “People would die” taking vaccines but that it doesn’t matter. He also suggested that young people should stay in lockdown until vaccinated and keeps on talking about a future third wave killing thousands of people even though their is no data or evidence for this. What he is doing is trying to suck peoples hope away at a time when people are really suffering terribly with chronic mental health problems and suicide rates are the highest they have ever been because of lockdown. By ripping peoples hope away and making out that things will never get better Professor Jeremy Brown is basically killing people. But he does not care just like his comments about people dying from taking the vaccine it is evident that he does not care about saving lives at all. All he cares about is keeping the power and control that he now has over peoples lives and getting a kick out of causing as much misery and death possible!

      People like Professor Jeremy Brown should not be allowed to appear on tv all they are causing is more misery and their comments WILL push people over the edge.

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      It is disgusting what these so called scientists are doing. There is no point to their comments all they are doing scare mongering people and that is totally unacceptable at a time like this. Currently more people are dying from suicide each day than covid and this professor Jeremy Brown knows this but carries on regardless. Its evil.

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