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      The chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty is a murdering sadistic weasel and needs to be stopped.

      Professor Chris Whitty is trying to prolong the Covid-19 crisis and is using the virus to cause as much death and destruction as possible.

      So far, all of the advice that he has given the government during the pandemic has caused the Virus to spread even more.

      For example, at the start of the pandemic Chris Whitty made sure lockdown was delayed to the last possible moment and even stopped all tracking and tracing of the virus. This enabled the virus to spread uncontrollably and into general circulation making it almost impossible to get rid of even through a vigorous lock down.

      He is not trying to protect and save lives but the total opposite. For instance despite the news reports of care homes in over countries such as Spain and Italy that were being ravaged by the virus. Chris Whitty made it policy to send 25, 000 elderly hospital patients back to their care homes without being tested for the virus this led to the virus spreading into care homes and killing thousands of vulnerable people across the country. Chris Whitty also made sure not to send PPE equipment or testing kits to these care homes making things even worse!

      Chris Whitty also helped trigger the second wave. Despite evidence from France and Spain that clearly showed opening schools increased infection rates he made sure that schools opened claiming that children do not spread the virus.

      These are just a few examples of the many decisions that Chris Whitty has made through out this crisis that have made things worse not better. He has done NOTHING to try to get rid of the virus or try to lessen the horrendous effects that it is having on peoples lives.

      During press conferences and interviews Chris Whitty always talks about how we will be living with this virus for a long time to come. That is not good enough and should never be an aim for a Chief medical officer nor should aiming for 20, 000 deaths as a good outcome.

      Lock down and Chris Whittys “new normal” is ruining peoples lives. A recent study has indicated that rates of depression have doubled since the pandemic started and another study has shown that alcohol dependency is rising exponentially. Many lives and businesses are being devastated causing long term mental and physical health problems that will last for many many years after covid-19 is gone. Chris Whitty’s advice is not based upon science. His advice is merely based upon his opinions and what he thinks should and shouldn’t be allowed. Chris Whitty does not care at all about the effects lock down is having on people, he just cares about is satisfying his sadism and making people suffer for as long as possible.

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      Of course you are wrong.

      We only have to look at our own government’s actions over the last eight months from the very outset of this pandemic.

      Not a moment was wasted.

      Staff, such as doctors, nurses and care workers and all manner of resources were used effectively and efficiently.

      Sufficient stocks of PPE were stored months and years in advance.

      The government had a plan and effectively communicated that plan.

      I have complete trust and faith in my government and its senior advisor to the Prime Minister.

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