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      The chief medical officer Professor Chris whitty is an evil, sadistic murderer. The advice that he has given the government has devastated the country and has cost thousands of people their lives and this is not because of simple incompetence or even negligence it is because Chris Whitty has a mindset similar to that of murderer Doctor Harold Shipman. The fact is that both Chris Whitty and Boris Johnson deliberately allowed Covid-19 spread as much as possible in the UK to satisfy their sadism.

      As we watched on tv as Covid-19 spread through Europe killing thousands of people. The government led by Chris Whitty’s advice made sure that covid 19 was spread as much as possible.
      delay lockdown, lift border restrictions with countries such as Spain who at the time where being ravaged by Covid-19.

      Chris Whitty’s strategy has never been to get rid of Covid-19 but to live with it and the devastation it causes. From the very beginning he made sure that lockdown was delayed, borders were open and track and trace was scrapped allowing the virus to spread as much as possible in the UK.

      Instead of protecting the most vulnerable to Covid-19 the government made sure to chuck them under a bus. To free up hospital beds 25, 000 elderly hospital patients who were untested for the virus were sent back to their care homes . This led to the virus spreading uncontrollably in care homes. This situation was worsened by the governments decision to prioritizing PPE equipment and testing to Hospitals only. All this happened as we watched other carehomes in other countries such as Italy and Spain become devastated by the virus

      The government should never went along with Chris Whitty’s strategy, instead they should have worked to eradicate all cases of covid-19 in the UK from the start. BUT thanks to Chris Whittys advice the virus is now general circulation and after months of lockdown is still killing people with no real signs of going away.

      Despite the easing of lockdown and in some parts the re-emergence of the virus life is still not back to normal. As a consequence of the lock down and the new normal…many people are now dying of diseases because they are not getting the treatment they need from the NHS. Many thousands of people are developing mental health conditions because of the toil lockdown is having upon them..
      The longer Chriss whittys new normal is in effect the more suffering and devastation lockdown will have on people.

      The government should have worked to eradicate the virus but instead chose to listen to a sadist.

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      Of course you are wrong.

      We only have to look at our own government’s actions over the last eight months from the very outset of this pandemic.

      Not a moment was wasted.

      Staff, such as doctors, nurses and care workers and all manner of resources were used effectively and efficiently.

      Sufficient stocks of PPE were stored months and years in advance.

      The government had a plan and effectively communicated that plan.

      I have complete trust and faith in my government and its senior advisor to the Prime Minister.

      #Turn sarcasm off

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