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      The pathetic communist head of NHS providers Chris Hopson appeared on the BBC news on new years day to spout his inane crap about how we will need more covid lockdown and restrictions. Chris Hopson has zero scientific evidence to support having more covid lockdowns and restrictions and
      He argues that we need to ease pressure off the NHS however the the NHS are not currently under pressure from covid but the BACKLOG of patients needing treatment for other illnesses that lockdown has created. By suggesting that we need more lockdowns and restrictions to ease pressure off the NHS is complete and crap and will only push the can down the road and make things much worse later on.

      It is pen pushing, bureaucratic over paid nitwit NHS mangers such as Chris Hopson that have caused so much death and destruction during this pandemic through their mismanagement and incompetence that has resulted in the UK having one of the worst death rates of covid in the developed world.

      This is the first time that this twat has been trolling the general public with his worst case scenario shit.
      Throughout this whole pandemic Chris Hopson has been appearing on as many news programs as he possibly can to provide his “expert” opinion even though he has zero qualifications in viruses and is just a complete and utter bureaucratic moron.
      The vaccine rollout has greatly reduced the number of people going into hospital to get TREATMENT for covid and the number of people actually dying directly from covid. Studies have also found that the new Omicron variant is up to 70% less severe than the delta variant and as a result despite such high amount of covid cases we are seeing no were near the same level of hospitalizations and deaths as other previous waves. In other words Chris Hopson is talking a load of shit and is trying to cause people to needlessly panic and worry at a time when people are struggling to cope with their mental health and suicides are at the highest they have ever been.

      Chris Hopson is a disgusting sadist who should be fired as soon as possible. Someone should send this stupid hobbit back to the shire in a body bag.

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      What a loser does he not have anything better to do on new years day!??

      The NHS sucks and it is pathetic evil pricks like him that is making the pandemic worse. He putting people off taking the vaccine because they are thinking it doesn’t work because he is always appearing on tv telling us how we need more lockdowns and restrictions even though we don’t.

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