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      What is it with people who live in houses without dedicated parking and their perceived ownership of the space on the road outside their house? And their desperate need to be parked right outside.

      My neighbours are very much like this, they moan if some random car is parked in “their space” and the moment the space outside the house is clear they all rush out to move their cars, even if the car is only over the road or two car lengths away.

      The stupid thing is that the one neighbours have 7 cars at the property and barely 2 car lengths of pavement outside so while they are moaning about some swine that’s pinched their space they are doing the same to at least 3 other houses.

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      In my job I’ve got to park my van at customers houses when I visit and come across this a lot. its not unusual for a neighbour returning from the school run to come and chap my customers door and demand I move the van so they can park in “their” space.

      The worst problem I seem to have is that on new housing estates the way the houses are crammed together means that wherever you park its usually makes it slightly awkward for someone getting in or out of their driveway.

      what gets me is that instead of simply asking nicely could I move the van to let them out they arrive full of hostility and in full rage mode.

      unfortunately my job doesn’t allow me to tell them to piss off so I usually take a very calm approach and politely question their driving ability by asking ” do you really feel you cant get through that big wide space I’ve left” followed by rolling my eyes at my customer saying I will be back shortly once ive helped this person to manoeuvre their car.

      This seems to piss them right off which pleases me no end.

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        The worst problem I seem to have is that on new housing estates the way the houses are crammed together means that wherever you park its usually makes it slightly awkward for someone getting in or out of their driveway.

        what gets me is that instead of simply asking nicely could I move the van to let them out they arrive full of hostility and in full rage mode.

        I live on an estate similar to what you describe. The problem is you are just one more van driver who has parked inconsiderately. You don’t live there so you don’t see it as a constant battle with inconsiderate parking.

        Eventually people get fed up with it and give up asking politely as often, in particularly with van drivers, they’re just met with someone who isn’t interested or is hostile in return, or thinks it’s a big joke and just rolls their eyes.

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          your missing the point completely, its not inconsiderate parking its the way the new estates are designed so that driveways are staggered and no matter where you park its going to impact on someone. have you never had need to have someone visit to carry out a repair for you or does every service in your street always work perfectly.

          what would you suggest, I park half a mile away and hump all my gear back a forth to your neighbours house. I do park considerately but with many houses having two cars where there is hardly room for one coupled with badly designed estates what would you suggest.

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            I do park considerately but with many houses having two cars where there is hardly room for one coupled with badly designed estates what would you suggest.

            I would suggest people do as I did. I moved to a terraced house with crap parking, and I committed to mentally letting go and not stressing before I bought the house. So occasionally I had to park some way away and walk a bit – classic first world problem. If you buy or rent a house on a new build estate you know what you’re letting yourself in for – a whole bunch of households mortgaged to the hilt, with two one year old cars on PCP; one parked on the drive and one parked across the footpath/road, with purchased-on-the-card elliptical strider, treadmill, trampoline etc filling the garage up…

            Bloody weird bunch they are too. A few years ago I was walking through a new estate admiring the fake plastic moulded chimney stacks, ‘lintels’ (two pieces of stone with a pointed gap in the middle) and fake window tax blocked up windows when someone comes out past his PCP motor and shouts at me for looking at his chimney as I walked by.

            Judgemental? Moi?

            I continue to let it go in our new house as life is to short – lots of people use our drive to turn around in rather than the next handy junction. It’ll end up costing us a bit as it’s accelerating the decay of the 45 year old concrete. Life’s just to short to become a bitter angry person over such things, and I’ve ended up turning in a random driveway once or twice despite best efforts.

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      Friday night didn’t get home until after 2300 and was out driving 12 kids up to the Moor by 0600 Saturday for a training weekend. Had to pick up the bus, so left my car in the local GP’s surgery car park which is totally unused and empty for the weekend. Went to move the car before 0600 Monday to find a “no parking you thick t*sser” note on my windscreen.

      Guess the new receptionist is even more grumpy than the last one…..

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      In 10 years of terraced living the only time I became proprietary about “my parking space” was in the winter of 2010/2011, when I dug out no less than 11 different spaces on consecutive days, only for some lazy —— to park in it before I got home each day. I’d dug the whole bloody street a parking space by the end. I never saw anyone else out with a shovel, just heard endless complaining.

      Our parking was away from the houses with a narrow street one car wide. Certain neighbours would park in it for hours, blocking it, daily. I used it perhaps 15 times for loading and unloading heavy items – mainly when moving in and then out.

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      A few years ago I converted our front garden to a driveway to stop people parking in front of the house, older and wiser now and TBH I don’t give a monkeys where people park, nor do I care if my car is parked around the corner out of sight. It’s out of sight when shopping or climbing etc

      Its only a car, perhaps when folk have big loans/ finance on car or a contractual lease car makes them more ‘my precious’

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      I lived on a terrace street for years and my neighbour used to amuse me greatly. As he drove away either one of his kids or his wife would put cones out, as he came home he would ring the house and someone would come out to move them. He was crap at parking so he always parked right up to the boundary between our houses so that he had maximum room to reverse and get out so if I got home first I would take great delight in parking right up to his cones as close as possible in my van. Half the street had cones but the rest of us only used them if there was a football match on, we were just outside the restricted parking area and before I got wise to the cones I once had to park almost a mile away and walk home then go get my van later. Due to the amount of tools and equipment in it I refuse to park it where I can’t hear the alarm going off.

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      I know of someone who parked in a public road, and immediately out came the owner of the house he was parked outside complaining that he couldn’t park there as it was “her” space. He politely, but firmly put her straight and left his car there, returning a couple of hours later, and drove off.

      When he got home he noticed a deep fresh scratch running the whole length of the nearside of his car. He is sure it was done by her or one of her household, but there is no way he can prove it.

      So beware of possessive home occupiers, because they can also be vindictive.

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        When I still had my 15 year old car i wouldn’t be concerned about such things but now I have something that’s worth more than a few quid with the hope of selling it on in the future I do think about these things. Near a friend’s house there was a bloke who kept snapping people’s wipers off if they parked too near his house.

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      Not parking, but traffic blocking driveway.

      I arrived home earlier today to find traffic backed up from the junction 200yds away and blocking my driveway, not uncommon. One lady reversed a little, but I still couldn’t get on my drive. The person in front of her could’ve moved forward slightly as there was a small gap between her and the car in front, but she never. She just stayed in situ, waiting for the vehicles in front of her to move off.

      I’m now holding up all the traffic behind me, which is tailing back to the junction. Of cause, the cars at the junction just keep coming my way as they can’t see the road ahead that far, thus in turn making the congestion worse. She just sat there oblivious, never even looked over at me.

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      As a repairman I’ve had a few run-ins over ‘parking spaces’. Here’s one from a few weeks back; when I couldnt park outside my customers house I parked next door on the opposite side because I noticed a cone over a drainage grid outside his neighbours (I assumed the council had put it there) . I returned to my van later to look for a part , a voice behind me said “You’re a stupid pillock I cant park outside my house”. Keeping my temper I pointed out that he couldn’t anyway because there was a cone over the grid. He said “yes I put it there to stop pillocks like you parking outside my house”. I’m afraid my temper snapped and I told him to f*ck off or I might shove his cone somewhere the sun doesnt shine. He went off muttering about calling the police. I’ve been back twice up to this area and parked deliberately outside his house making sure I squash his cone. It turned out he was a pain to all his neghbours ,I’m not surprised being so confrontational.

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      I live on a long terraced road that gradually steepens, off one of the main roads in Sheffield. When it snowed a few weeks ago, I left my work van a bit further down the road so it would be easier to get out the following morning. But the following day (a Friday) there too much snow it wasn’t worth the risk of bumping another car so I left it where it was. I don’t think anyone got off the road at all until the Sunday. But when I came back Monday morning to go to work, someone had slashed 2 tyres.

      I’ve been keeping my eye on that spot whenever I go past and the same car is always parked there, so can only assume I had parked in ‘their spot’. Had they left a note or made an effort to contact me (I’m forever walking in and out to my van with huge company logo on, in work uniform so I reckon it would be quite easy to find where I live) I’d have thought “ok it’s not your spot, you’re a bit of a dick, but yeh I don’t mind shifting it and can avoid parking there in the future, if it saves me some agro”. Not wanting to get into a tit-for-tat battle there isn’t much I can do

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